AB Trip Options

lmu alternative breaks trip options

LMU's Alternative Breaks (AB) Program is designed to offer trips based a diverse set of issues. Students are encouraged to apply for trips surrounding the issues they are most passionate about. 

Past AB trips have included Arizona to study immigration issues or traveling to Puerto Rico to learn about sustainable living. The Alternative Breaks Program also offers a local Alternative Weekend trip in Los Angeles focusing on gentrification.

On each trip, participants are challenged to think critically about social conditions and the roots causes of problems. As a group, each trip generates and executes a post-trip action plan to create real social change in their communities.

If you are interested in the Alternative Breaks Program, we encourage you to check out our student-produced films from our past AB Film Festival.

For inquiries please email: alternativebreakslmu@gmail.com.

2017-18 Trip List


2016-17 Trip List

Winter: December 27-Jan 7

  • Refugee Rights are Human Rights - Rabat, Morocco, $2,000 -This trip will focus on the rights Sub-Saharan and Syrian refugees, and women's empowerment. Participants will also be taking Arabic language courses.

  • Empowering Communities through Education: Interfaith Issues and the Struggles of the Dalit People in India Chennai, India, $2,000. This trip will focus on volunteering at a rural school and learning about the struggles of the Dalit people. Students will also learn more about Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam.

Spring: March 4-11

  • Men Anpil Chay Pa Lou: Planting the Seed for a More Sustainable Tomorrow- Port-au-Prince, Haiti, $1,250 - Participants will work and learn from community members that have adopted sustainable agriculture in Haiti. Students will also meet with peasant organizations and get exposed to cooperatives, micro-finance, and public health issues.

  • Keeping Culture Alive - San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, $1,250 – Participants will work closely with the school to learn about the Indigenous curriculum this school uses to promote pride in the students’ Mayan culture. Students will also learn about the causes and impact of the Guatemalan civil war. 

  • Sustainability through Holistic Understanding - San Juan, Puerto Rico, $1,250 - This trip will focus on the sustainability of a community through service projects that include developing infrastructure, organic food production, rain water management, and natural building projects/permaculture.

  • Health and Hope in Granada, Nicaragua - Managua, Nicaragua, $1,250 - Students will learn the historical context of Nicaragua and its Public Health care system while shadowing the doctors and medical staff in communities of need.

  • Dreams Have No Borders - Tucson, Arizona, $475 - Participants will learn about the plight of immigrants, observe court proceedings, visit a detention center, and learn about ways to be advocates for humane immigration reform.

  • Mass Incarceration and Restorative Justice - CA Prisons (Several Locations), $425 - This trip will visit different detention facilities, including juvenile hall, women’s prison, and men’s prisons. Students will also meet with organizations fighting to end the prison industrial complex and implementing restorative justice.

  • #NotOneMore: Racial Justice in Chicago - Chicago, Illinois, $800 - This trip focuses on understanding racism on the individual, institutional, and societal levels. Participants will partake in antiracism and oppression workshops and get grassroots organizing exposure with community organizations such as Crossroads, Interfaith Worker Justice, the Ark of St. Sabina, and Black Youth Project 100.

  • OUT in The Big Apple; LGBTQ Rights and Public Health in New York - New York, New York, $800-Students will connect with organizations that are advocating for LGBTQ rights and health. 

  •  "Pachamama", Sustainability and Indigenous Practices in Bolivia Cochabamba, Bolivia, $1275-Students will learn more about the Mother Earth Law and the effects of its implementation in Bolivia. Students will be exposed to sustainability methods in indigenous communities. 

Summer: May 19-16

  • Education Through Dance and Art in Cuba - Cuba, $1,600 - Students will explore education, dance, and art of Cuba by visiting  elementary and secondary schools.  Students will also learn about politics and culture in La Havana. 

Alternative Weekend: Feb 18-19

  • This weekend trip is a local trip in Los Angeles focusing on gentrification. The application process is separate from Winter, Spring, and Summer trips and will become available in the Spring. This trip is open to students who are not participants of an AB trip, students who are participating in a Winter, Spring, or Summer trip, and alumni.