Student Employment FAQs

lmu ses student employment faq

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with federal work study funds?

You have many options. First, log into your LionJobs account and make sure your profile is complete. You can upload your resume, search for work study jobs, and apply directly through the LionJobs system. You can find and apply for available positions including on-campus departmental work and off-campus work study opportunities.

Students may earn a maximum of $3,200 per academic year depending on their financial aid award. Recipients must be eligible under federal guidelines. Eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office.

I don't have work study. Can I still work on campus?

Yes! Some departments such as Housing and the School of Film and Television hire students with non-work study funds. LMU also has vendors on campus (Sodexo, Jamba Juice, etc.) that hire students regardless of work-study eligibility. These positions can be found on LionJobs by filtering for "T-Work" or "LMU Vendors".

What are my options for part-time work outside of LMU?

There are many opportunities available for you to explore. The best tool to find off campus employment is LionJobs. LMU's Job Location and Development (JLD) Program can assist you in finding a job that fits your interests and schedule. Please contact SES to set up an appointment with the JLD Coordinator.

Also, check out the Community Connections Job Board to find part-time childcare, tutoring, personal assistant and freelance work.

I am a graduate student, what are my options?

Graduate students may apply to a variety of positions on LionJobs. 
Some options you can consider are Graduate and Research Assistantships, Teaching and Lab Assistantships and other related positions. Visit LionJobs or contact the Graduate Admissions Office for information on current openings.