lmu student organizations faqs

Have questions about Registered Student Organizations at Loyola Marymount University? Learn more about RSOs in the sections below:

  • General Information

    How many Registered Student Organizations (RSO) are there at LMU?

    The number of RSOs is continually growing as students create new clubs and organizations. There are currently over 190 Registered Student Organizations on campus. You can browse all organizations through the “browse organizations” feature on LEO.

    What Registered Student Organizations exist on campus?

    You can search all RSOs on campus through the “browse organizations” feature on LEO. Use your LMU credentials to log into lmu.edu/leo to access all RSOs. You can access each RSO’s basic information, President, and Advisor through their LEO portal. Search by RSO name, keywords, or category.

    How can I get involved with an existing organization?

    We encourage you to learn more about each RSO through their portals on LEO. On each RSO portal page you are able to access the president and advisor contact information, and directly message them to get more information.

  • Funding & Fundraising

    Can we sell things on campus?

    Please refer to LMU’s fundraising policy to learn more about the approval process.

    Where are RSO funds held?

    RSO funds are held in an on campus checking account. This works just like a typical checking account does. You are able to make deposits, request reimbursements, and check your monthly account activity. If all of the funds are not utilized, they will be rolled over to the next academic year. Visit Student Leadership and Development in Malone 101 to access information regarding your on-campus account.

    Can we get an off-campus checking account?

    Off-campus accounts are strictly prohibited unless the RSO obtains the written approval of the Director of Student Leadership and Development. RSOs are able to keep funds on campus through SLD RSO Accounts. This is a free checking account service that is highly convenient for RSOs. Some of the benefits of this include monitoring of each account by a professional staff member, convenient reimbursement process, and user friendly deposit process. Additionally, keeping your financial accounts on campus helps with transitioning officers, as the account is not tied to a person's personal Social Security Number or name. Convenient, free, and no hassle – all located on campus!

    How can my RSO get money for its programs?

    We encourage all RSOs to apply for funds through the ASLMU Student Reserve Board. The Student Reserve Board (SRB) provides financial assistance to University registered, undergraduate clubs and organizations through the co-sponsorship of events and activities that enhance the student experience and foster a stronger LMU community.

    Fundraising for programs is also strongly encouraged.

    Can my RSO get funding for office supplies and operating expenses?

    No. The Student Reserve Board is able to fund RSO events, however office supplies and operating expenses should come from the RSO’s budget.

    How can we receive tax-deductible donations?

    If you are receiving funds from a local business or accepting donations, you may be asked for your “tax I.D. number.” If you are affiliated with a national organization, please contact your national headquarters to receive this information. If you are not affiliated with a national organization, please stop by SLD in Malone 101 or call (310) 338-2877.

    Can students use flexi dollars at our on campus fundraisers?

    Yes. As an RSO, you are able to reserve the OneCard reader machine for your on campus fundraisers. This enables students to use flexi dollars rather than cash. Please contact the OneCard Office to complete the reservation process for the OneCard reader machine. Once it is reserved, students are able to come into SLD to use the machine. The OneCard machine cannot leave Student Leadership and Development. All transactions must occur in the office between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm.

    How do we reserve the OneCard reader machine?

    To reserve the OneCard reader machine, please contact the OneCard Office located in Von der Ahe. Your request must be completed no later than 7 days in advance - no exceptions. After your request is processed, the amount will then show on the OneCard reader machine in SLD. Students must come into SLD to use their flexi for purchasing.

    Is it possible to get reimbursed for purchases I made on behalf of my RSO?

    Any student can get reimbursed for purchases made on behalf of an RSO, if approved by the RSO’s officers in advance. To request a reimbursement, fill out the RSO Reimbursement Form on LEO. Remember to thoroughly complete this form and upload the original receipts. Please allow 3-5 weeks for your request to be approved and processed.

    How can I pay a vendor?

    As an RSO, there are two ways you can pay a vendor.

    • Submit an RSO Reimbursement Form on LEO with the uploaded invoice. A check will be sent directly from your on campus account to the vendor.
    • Pay on behalf of your RSO and get reimbursed by filling out the RSO Reimbursement Form on LEO. 

    If you have any questions about the RSO Reimbursement Form, stop by SLD to talk to one of our staff members.

  • Events & Programming

    How can we reserve space on campus?

    Reserving space on campus is one of the many benefits of being an RSO. Any of your RSO’s approved schedulers can reserve a space on campus by coming into Student Leadership and Development in Malone 101. Only approved schedulers for each RSO are allowed to create an event request. Requests must be made by 12pm the day before the event.

    How can we reserve a table on Palm Walk?

    Reserving tables on Palm Walk works just like any other event request. An approved scheduler is able to make this reservation in SLD. Tables are a great marketing strategy for your RSO, and can be booked throughout the week.

    How can I learn what other RSOs exist so that I can identify some possible co-sponsors for our upcoming events?

    If you are looking for potential co-sponsors for a collaborative event, we encourage you to browse all of the RSOs through LEO. Click “Student Leadership and Development,” and then “Browse Organizations.” This gives you access to all of the contact information for each RSO.

    Can we have alcohol at our events?

    Yes. All university policies and procedures must be adhered to at all times. Learn more about LMU’s Student Codes & Policies.

    Can we use university funding for alcohol?

    No. No university funding may be used to purchase alcohol.

    How do I plan a trip off campus with a bus or other form of provided transportation?

    For bus transportation, please follow the Off Campus Bus Checklist. If students are driving their personal cars, be sure to have each student driver fill out this release form, and report all drivers’ names to your RSO’s advisor.

    Can we have amplification or amplified sound at an event on campus?

    Amplification or amplified sound is allowed for indoor on-campus events.

    Outdoor amplification events are available for scheduling during the following times:

    • Monday - Friday: 12:00pm-1:30pm in pre-approved campus locations/timeframes.
    • Friday: 4:00pm-10:00pm in all outdoor locations*
    • Saturday: 10:00am-10:00pm in all outdoor locations*
    • Sunday: 11:00am-8:00pm in all outdoor locations*

    *Additional time restrictions may apply to some locations due to proximity to the campus residences or the campus perimeter.

    Can we have social events on campus?

    Social events are allowed on campus, providing that all university policies are adhered to, and proper approval process is met.

    Can we have a protest event on campus?

    Rallies and protests are allowed on campus. These must be properly registered events through SLD. All University policies must be adhered to at all times during these events.

    How can I get food at my event?

    During the event reservation process in SLD, select that you would like catering at your event.

    If you would like to have food catered by Sodexo, please view the menus and place your order with the catering department.

    If you would like food brought onto campus from an off campus vendor, you will need to complete the Off Campus Food and Beverage Form and have it approved by Sodexo. Sodexo has the first right of refusal for all food service on campus.

    How can I bring a food truck to campus?

    Come by SLD to fill out the LMU Food Truck Process Form. We are happy to assist you!

    I received a contract from a vendor. What do I do next?

    Please forward to the University’s Risk Management department for approval at contracts@lmu.edu.

    When do I need to obtain insurance certificated from off-campus vendors?

    If you are bringing any off-campus vendor to campus, you will need insurance certificates.

    How can I advertise my event on campus?

    There are a variety of avenues to publicize on campus:

    • Flyers: bring 8 fliers to SLD and the student staff will hang them for you in locations across campus including Malone, Hilton, Seaver, and University Hall. Be sure to have contact information on your flier for proper approval. To post fliers in Residence Halls, please contact Student Housing Office for approval.
    • Seaver Wall Sheet: reserve this space in advance with the front desk staff in SLD. After you reserve the space, drop off your decorated advertisement sheet by 5 pm the Friday before your reserved week. The sheets are hung early Monday morning, and will remain until the following Monday morning. This space can be reserved for one week at a time.
    • Malone Display Cases and Herrean Glass: reserve this space in advance with the front desk staff in SLD. After it is reserved, you are able to decorate and advertise in this space.
    • Palm Walk Wooden Stakes: reserve this space in advance with the front desk staff in SLD. You are responsible for providing the stakes, fliers, setting up/taking down the advertisements.

    Other marketing opportunities include social media, LEO, MyLMU Homepage, flyers in residence halls, and The Loyolan.

    How can I reserve advertisement space on campus?

    You can reserve advertisement space such as Seaver Wall, Malone Display Case, Herrean Glass, and Palm Walk Stakes with the SLD Front Desk Staff.

    What should I put on my flyers, posters or promotional materials?

    In order for advertisements to be approved by SLD, they must include the name, phone number, and email address for the contact person of the event or RSO. Only approved advertisements and fliers are allowed in buildings.

    How do I request a photographer or videographer for my event?

    These resources are great for large-scale events. Request a university photographerContact the Loyolan about covering your event. Please note that any photos taken by the Loyolan are not your property, so you must obtain explicit permission to use any of the photos taken.

    Some of the guests at my event are under 18 years old. What waiver do I need for these individuals?

    Minors’ parents will need to sign the Informed Consent Document on page 19 of the Student Organization Procedures Manual.

  • RSO Operations

    What is the role of my on campus advisor?

    The advisor is integral to the success of every student organization. As a member of the LMU educational community, the advisor assists with the personal development of each member of the RSO and serves as a mentor and role model in all aspects of their organization’s co-curricular programming.

    Advisor responsibilities include but are not limited to: read and sign applicable organization paperwork, attend organization meetings, serve as an unbiased sounding board for the organization leaders and members, appropriately advise officers and members, give the officers and members honest and objective feedback on their performance, take a supportive role in planning programs for the organization, attend event proposal meetings and be present to supervise major events sponsored by the organization. Advisors are expected to attend events when alcohol is served, off campus guests are in attendance, and/or when requested by SLD Staff.

    Can we be selective in our membership?

    All RSOs are able to have membership selection criteria. However, all RSO criteria should adhere to LMU’s Non-Discrimination Policy. The University prohibits unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, legally protected medical condition (cancer-related and genetic characteristics), marital status, sex (including gender identity or gender expression as define by law, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or related medical condition), age 40 or over, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information or any other bases protected by federal, state, or local law.

    The University does not discriminate on these bases, or any other basis protected by law, in the administration of any of its education or admissions policies, scholarship or loan programs, athletics, and other school-administered policies and programs.

    As such, all RSOs are required to carry out all endeavors in a non-discriminatory manner. Student organizations may not deny any student membership to their organization based on the fact that they are or are not a member of any of the federally protected groups listed above. For more information, please refer to the Non-Discrimination Statement in the Division of Student Affairs Community Standards book.

    How do I find information that can help my RSO understand policies and procedures?

    We encourage all students to be familiar with the Division of Student Affairs Community Standards policies.