Grants + Awards

The Empowerment Fund 

Established by the Center for Service and Action. Provides seed money for special events, activities and programs with service and social justice elements. 

Community Action Grant

One $1,000 grant will be awarded to an undergraduate students who submits a semester long project (8 weeks) with a non-profit organization.

Strauss Public Service Scholarship

The Donald A. Strauss Foundation awards a Public Service Scholarship of $10,000 to one LMU student every year.

Summer in Action Grant

Participants are eligible for a grant up to $2,000 for interning with a social justice organization during the summer. Recipients are expected to develop a project or campaign that relates to the issues learned during the internship.

Riordan Community Service Awards

Presented by CSA,  this award recognizes LMU undergraduate students for outstanding contributions in the area of community service, exemplifying the University’s tradition of being “men and women for and with others.” 

Arete Service Award

Sponsored by the Marymount Institute. Honors graduating seniors who have demonstrated a commitment to service and justice through off-campus volunteer service.

Faculty and Staff can access our Arete and Riordan Student Nomination Form here