AB Film Festival

Participants are asked to produce a 10-15 minute documentary about their Alternative Break Trip to be screened during our Solidarity Action Week in April. These documentaries raise awareness about worldwide issues and tie it to our community in Los Angeles and LMU while promoting our AB Program and cultivating active participants.


Check out the student produced documentaries from our Film Festival 2015!


Peace & Progress - Peace & Conflict

Filmmakers: Caitlin Bostwick




Preserving the Culture - AB Guatemala

Filmmakers: Annie Strugatsky


Demystifying Public Health

Filmmakers: Lashayra Nolen

Community Building: Cape Town, South Africa

Filmmakers: Matthew Law


 The Human Migration

Filmmakers: Taylor Litonjua


Food Justice & Agriculture - Haiti

 Filmmakers: Eileen Choe and Tabatha Laanui

Joint Outraged - Prison System Failing America

Filmmakers: Ocean Huayang


AB Film Festival 2014:


Filmmakers: Thomas Ireton

Mexico City 2013-2014

Protecting the Spectrum: The Fight for LGBTQ Empowerment - Mexico City, Mexico

Filmmakers: Alina Garcia Taormina and Sierra Hegle

Cyclical Injustices: Education and Poverty - Atlanta, Georgia

Filmmakers: Elise Belcher

Turning Walls Into Bridges - East LA/Tucson

Filmmakers: Antonio DeLoera

One Small Step for Guatemala

Filmmakers: Claire Andreae and Nadia Pandolfo

LMU Alternative Break Trip - Haiti 2014

Filmmakers: Ann Conner and Neil Hilken


Viva Nicaragua: Exploring the Public Health System

Filmmakers: Veronica Pacheco and Emily Simso


AB Peru 2014

Filmmakers: Brielle Cruz-Vega, Cristina Garcia, and Hunter Koon


Mitakuye Oyasin, "We Are All Related" - Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Filmmakers: Jamie Higa and Cristina Orozco