Post-graduate Service

LMU Alumni Amate House volunteers in Chicago

Graduation should not mark the end of your community involvement and civic engagement. College is meant to be a gateway to the rest of life. The period of time immediately after graduation is unlike any another. Very few times in your life will you be able to make the kind of commitment and impact that you can make in a one- or two-year volunteer opportunity. It is the hope of post-grad volunteering that you can do something that you are truly passionate about. So you have to ask yourself:

Are you motivated by a desire to serve others, broaden your experience and knowledge of the world, or to make a difference in the lives of others? If you are, there are some questions to ask yourself before fully committing to an organization. Please download the link here, and read through the questions. These questions are here to help you decide if post-graduate service is right for you. 

Here is where you can put all your ideas into action. In the " Where Are They Now " page, you can view where some LMU alums are volunteering now as well as some opportunities you can get involved with in the future. For personal reflections from LMU alumni participating in post-grad service, visit our Reflections page.  For talking with your family about the option of post-grad service, check out Working with Your Family as You Consider Post Grad Service.

The Center for Service and Action also would like to be of service for LMU alumni who are just completing their years of post-grad service. Please visit our After-Post Grad Service page for resources. 

Post Grad Dinner

  • Tuesday, October 13, 2015
  • Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Post Grad Discernment Overnight

  • Saturday-Sunday, November 21-22, 2015 12pm-12pm

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Serve Others. Broaden Your Experience. Make a Difference.

If you have questions regarding loan deferments during your year of service, the following may be helpful: 
Loan Deferment 

Contact CSA for more info at 310.338.2959 or Tom King at  If you are interested in joining our post grad list, email us at