LMU's 15th Annual Hunger Banquet

  • 963 Million People are Hungry
  • Everyday 16,000 Children die daily from Hunger related illnesses
  • Pregnant women, new mothers who breastfeed infants, and children are amongst the most at risk of undernourishment   

Participate in LMU's 14th Hunger Banquet

Experience the unequal distribution of resources and wealth in the world; a powerful evening that brings to life global inequalities and challenges us to realize how our decisions affect others.   

  • Wednesday, November 4th 2015 @ 5:00pm
  • St. Robert's Auditorium

$2 Donation Requested at Door 
Cash or Flexi Please 

Center for Service and Action will begin selling tickets the first day of classes. The CSA Office is located in St. Robert's Annex. 

For more information please visit the CSA office or call at 310.338.2959. Thank You. 

Sponsored by Oxfam America