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Want to try becoming vegan? Here are some healthy and delicious recipes:

Relaxation stretches to do while studying

  • Chair Stretch: Place both hands behind your neck. Point elbows out. Inhale. Lift your chest and arch your lower back, while inhaling. Feel the stretch as you bend backward over your chair. Exhale.
  • Tree Hugger Stretch: Clasp hands together and open arms as wide as possible rounding your back as though you were hugging a large tree.
  • Forward Bend: Stand up, feet shoulder width apart. Inhale. Slowly exhale and allow your entire body to lower down, and "hang" towards the floor. Allow your arms/hands and neck to "release" toward the floor. The crown of your head should hang, so that you are looking behind you. Release any tension you feel in your spine, neck and arms.
  • Chair Breathing: Sit straight in your chair, and breathe naturally. Inhale and exhale 20 times. Focus on your breathing, but don't ignore thoughts that come into your head. Acknowledge them and let them go.
  • "Unclap" Stretch: Sit tall in chair — arms extended — hands together as though you were clapping. Slowly, one arm leads rotation back. Follow movement with eyes. Return to starting position and repeat other side.