International Student Profiles

lmu oiss international student profiles

Loyola Marymount University is home to a growing number of international students and scholars from around the world. The Office for International Students and Scholars is proud to provide programs and services that support the social, educational and professional success of nearly 1,000 international and exchange students, scholars and faculty from more than 85 countries. Our international community brings experiences and interests as diverse as the countries from where they come. We invite you to explore these profiles and more to follow to learn about the students who are #InternationalAtLMU.

Zainah Ben Essa, Kuwait‌

Zainah Ben Essa's second language is English, but that hasn't stopped her from being a writing tutor for LMU students. Learn more about Zainah's experience.

Carlos Soto, Costa Rica

Carlos Soto found sanctuary in the LMU College of Business, and has applied his experience to starting his own tequila business. Learn more about Carlos's experience.

Stacy Japhta, South Africa ‌

Stacy Japhta is an international student for the second time after going to high school in Indonesia before moving to Los Angeles. Learn more about Stacy's experience.

Abdullah Alrashdan, Kuwait‌

Abdullah Alrashdan came to LMU as a transfer student and found support in the Seaver School of Science and Engineering. Learn more about Abdullah's experience.

Anna Mariel Lozano Roda, The Philippines‌

Anna Mariel Lozano Roda had a job in a city bank in her home country, but dreamed of pursuing her MBA in Los Angeles. Learn more about about Mariel's experience.

Marcus Alburez Myers, Guatemala‌

Marcus Alburez Myers was a member of three ASLMU committees, is vice president of the rugby team, and led an Alternative Breaks trip. Learn more about Marcus's experience.

Maya Ben Yair, Israel‌

Maya Ben Yair has dreamed of becoming a filmmaker and LMU's Student Worker Program is helping make that dream come true. Learn more about Maya's experience.