Check out our LMU departments that provide additional resources and support for our Guardian Scholars! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our point people! They are ready to serve you!

Academic Resource Center

  • Designed to aid in the academic success of all students by providing one-on-one writing assistance, group tutoring sessions based on course content, and additional advisement as students’ transition into LMU.  The ARC also houses the First To Go Community, which provides academic support for students who identify as first-generation college (i.e., neither parent has a bachelor's degree from the U.S.).
  • Contact: La’Tonya Rease Miles | Director | Daum Hall 202 | 310.338.2847 | arc@lmu.edu

Academic Transfer Services 

  • Provides academic support for your success at LMU.
  • If you have any questions regarding the transfer course evaluation, your major or need additional academic direction, Academic Transfer Services is your academic advocate for success.  
  • Contact: Tom Gutto | Director | Von Der Ahe 150 | 310.388.1922 | tgutto@lmu.edu

Career and Professional Development

  • Enhances the student academic experience by providing tools for personal discovery, fostering and developing relationships with the LMU, regional, national and global communities, and facilitating lifelong career exploration and fulfillment.
  • Contact: Branden Grimmett | Associate Provost, Career and Professional Development | Von der Ahe 140 | 310.258.8779 | Branden.Grimmett@lmu.edu

Center for Service & Action

  • Offers students and graduates a range of opportunities to volunteer their time serving their communities. CSA offers opportunities ranging from local service groups to alternative break programs.
  • Contact: Lorena Chavez | Assistant Director for Community Engagement | St. Roberts Hall Annex | 310.338.2959 | lchavez@lmu.edu

Disability Support Services

  • Provides specialized assistance and resources for students with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning, Physical or Psychiatric disabilities to achieve maximum independence while achieving their educational goals. Services are offered to students who have established disabilities under federal and state law. All discussions will remain confidential.
  • Contact: Priscilla Levine | Director | Daum Hall, Second Floor | 310.338.4216 | plevine@lmu.edu

Ethnic and Intercultural Services

  • Empower students to understand interculturalism and diversity at LMU.
  • Contact: Maruth Figueroa | Director of Chicano Latino Student Services | Malone Student Center 301 | 310.338.1880 | mfigue12@lmu.edu

Financial Aid

  • Assists students with financial resources to help them achieve their educational goals.
  • Contact: Melissa Bordenave |Counselor | Von der Ahe 270 | 310.338.2753 | mborden1@lmu.edu

First Year Experience

  • One-stop shop for all first year needs. All resources and services are designed with your success in mind! 
  • Contact: Lisha Maddox |Assistant Director of Parent and Student Outreach | Malone Student Center 201 | 310.338.5252 | lmaddox@lmu.edu

Guardian Scholars Program

  • One-stop shop for all former/current foster youth, emancipated minors, homeless and independent students at LMU
  • Contact: Julia Keighley |Associate Director of Student Success| Malone Student Center 201 | 310.338.5252 | julia.keighley@lmu.edu

Office of the Registrar

  • Maintains timely and accurate records of our students’ academic progress and accomplishments as well as providing certificates of eligibility and certification of courses.
  • Contact: Jeffrey Seeger | Associate Registrar | Von der Ahe 150 | 310.338.2707 | jseeger1@lmu.edu

Student Accounts

  • Provides customer service and counseling to help students meet their financial obligations at the university.
  • Contact: Jennifer Le | Account Specialist | Von der Ahe 250 | 310.338.4474 | jle9@lmu.edu

Student Housing

  • Provides programs and services to bring students together within a community on campus.
  • Contact: Trevor Wiseman | Associate Director for Resident Services | Leavey 6 Apartment 101 | 310.338.2963 | twiseman@lmu.edu

Student Psychological Services

  • Provides confidential services for students, including individual and group counseling, walk-in consultations, emergency psychological services, and psycho-educational outreach programming. Student Psychological Services also offers specialized counseling and programming for student veterans, as well as faculty and staff trainings on issues relevant to the student veteran population.
  • Contact: Kristin Linden, Psy.D | Director | Burns Recreational Center, suite 206 | 310.338.2868 | klinden1@lmu.edu

Transfer Programs

  • One-stop shop for all transfer needs. All resources and services are designed with your success in mind! 
  • Contact: Lisha Maddox |Assistant Director of Parent and Student Outreach | Malone Student Center 201 | 310.258.4658 | lmaddox@lmu.edu