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Student Health Services

 Flu Vaccine

If you missed the Campus Flu Vaccine Clinic you can still get a flu vaccination at Student Health Services (SHS), while supplies last.  Flu vaccines are provided by appointment only at a cost of $25.  Appointments can be made online using the SHS patient health portal or by calling SHS at (310) 338-2881.

For more information on staying healthy, read on how to Beat the Odds.

Health Alert: Measles

Student Health Services (SHS) is aware of the current measles outbreak, which started in Southern California and is now affecting 14 other states and 102 individuals. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has advised health care providers to ensure all patients are up to date on measles vaccinations and/or their MMR vaccine. Please be advised, SHS has a vaccination policy requiring proof of two MMR vaccines. If you have not been vaccinated or completed the Student Health Vaccination and Consent Form please call the Student Health Center at 310/338-2881 as soon as possible. You may also access the Student Health Vaccination and Consent Form here.  If SHS is not in receipt of the Student Health Vaccination and Consent Form‌ and we do not have proof of your MMR vaccinations, we will place a health hold on your student account. If you need further assistance, please contact SHS.

About SHS

Student Health Services (SHS) strives to create a safe and healthy campus community for all by providing those services, opportunities, and experiences which support academic pursuits and personal development. 

Student Health Services is a full service medical office and is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). Our health care team includes physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, an x-ray technologist, and trained support staff. 

The entrance to our office is located on the north side of the Burns Recreation Center (BRC) building opposite the Seaver construction site. 

Promotional Video

Watch this video that highlights the services we provide to students:

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