International Students Graduation

Each year, a special graduation ceremony is held by the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) for international students. This year's graduation was held on Friday May 10th, 2013. Graduating international students and their families from all across the globe gathered at the Bird Nest for the annual International Graduate Celebration. At this year's ceremony Dearv O’Crowley ‘13, an LMU student from Ireland, best explained how this sense of the international community is strengthened throughout a students’ time at LMU:

"...OISS manages to take students from all over the globe; dozens of different languages, hundreds of different countries, too many cities to list; and make them a community. They create a system of kin, of loyalty and fidelity to our international brethren. Where seniors take the time to get to know the freshmen, to pass on the lessons they've learned on how to survive and embrace the American crazy. It’s a haven in which you have the support system of those who also feel the culture shock of being apart from everything you’ve ever known; can sympathize with that. And yet at the same time can also embrace, not only the idea of an American culture with you, but can share their own as well.  It means that one gets to evolve and grow without having to give up what it means to be of their native culture at the same time." 

Since 1956, the LMU Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) has provided students from over 75 countries with a challenging liberal arts and sciences curriculum that is also balanced by outstanding professional programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. LMU international students have enriched and enlivened our campus with their diversity, collective experiences, and varied perspectives. By the provision and administration of a number of programs and services, OISS desires to advocate a shared understanding and cross-cultural exchange between international and local students.

To read more of the OISS International Students Graduation speech please visit the link below.


OISS 2013 Graduation Speech