Reserve a Ride

Follow these easy steps to get you on board.

You must have a reservation to ride the Lion Express at least one hour before your requested time of departure.  You are encouraged to reserve your trip leaving campus and returning to campus at the same time. If you do not reserve your return trip before you leave, we cannot guarantee that there will be space on the way back.  

Call 310-338-4560 to reserve your spot on the Lion Express! Most vans hold a total of 7 passengers.

  • You may only make reservations on the day that you wish to ride.
  • You may NOT make reservations the week before, or the day before you wish to ride.
  • We will begin taking reservations 30 minutes before our first trip of the day (4:30pm Monday-Thursday, 11:30am Friday-Sunday).
  • You must make a reservation at least one hour before you plan to ride the Lion Express, except for the first ride of the day.
  • Tell us your name, how many people are in your group, and your destination.
  • Tell us what time you would like to leave, and when you would like to return. If there is no space on your desired shuttle time, we will try to suggest another time for you.

Board the Shuttle

  • We pick up in front of Jamba Juice and leave every hour on the hour.
  • See the complete Lion Express Schedule for when we leave and when you should expect to be at your destination.
  • If you are not on time, and we leave without you, we cannot guarantee you space on another trip.
  • You and all members of your party must be Loyola Marymount University students and must show your One Cards to the Lion Express driver in order to board.

Arrive at your Destination 

  • We only drop students off at set destinations.
  • We cannot drop you off at any other location.

Return to Campus

  • You should be waiting at the designated location at the designated time. Check the Lion Express Schedule to see when you should expect the Lion Express to pick you up from your stop.
  • We cannot pick you up from another location.
  • Due to traffic, the Lion Express may be a few minutes late to a stop, but will never leave earlier than the scheduled departure time from each location.
  • If you are not on time, and we leave without you, we cannot guarantee you space on another trip.