Programs & Services

Off-Campus Student Life addresses the needs and concerns of off-campus students. Loyola Marymount University established the office to help our students live safely and successfully off campus. Through programs, resources, and support services, the office provides opportunities for off campus students to become integrated into the local community. The staff promotes good relationships with neighbors by increasing students' awareness of their responsibilities as members of the residential community. In addition, OCSL serves as a liaison between the university and our neighbors, encouraging dialogue about issues of mutual concern.

Programs & Services

Off-Campus Student Orientation: 
An online off-campus student orientation has been developed that is mandatory for all students living off-campus. The orientation outlines an introduction to Off-Campus Student Life, education and training about good neighbor relations, the University’s stance on off-campus life issues, and an overview of resources available to them.

Address Verification System:
Following completion of the Off-Campus Student Orientation the student will be required to verify the students’ off campus address. Failure to register a local address will result in a registration hold. 

Life as a Lion, Orientation Program:
This orientation program is mandatory for all first-year students. First-Year students will participate in a program where they find out about University policies and procedures, both on and off-campus, and other larger LA Municipal Codes and laws. 

First Year Commuter Student Programs:
Off-Campus Student Life is committed to creating community based programs for our first-year commuter students.  OCSL has partnered with First-Year Experience, Residence Life, Campus Recreation, and the First-to-Go program to create a series of recurring community based programs.   

These programs include: Commuter Convo Lunches and Commuter Dinners.


Greek Council Neighbor Relations Campaign: 
Off-Campus Student Life is working in collaboration with the LMU Greek community to help promote safety and positive choice making amongst LMU Greek community members that live in the Westchester community footprint.

Neighbor complaints can be received through multiple outlets, which may include: phone calls, email and walk-in. Complaints can be received by the following agencies: Off-Campus Student Life, University Relations, Public Safety, LAPD, City Council and the City Attorneys office.

Mediation Service: 
Off-Campus Student Life offers Neighborhood Dispute Meditation to assist in building community and resolving issues that may arise between neighbors in the local community.

Student Community Communication:
Letters are mailed and emailed regularly to students residing off campus of the importance of good neighbor relations, policies pertaining to the Community Standards and the Student Conduct Code, as well as, city ordinances and general resources.

Judicial Affairs: 
Off-Campus Student Life works in conjunction with the Department of Judicial Affairs to enforce the Community Standards and sanction violations appropriately. Judicial Affairs has assigned all off campus violation to a member of the judicial team in order to ensure consistency of policy enforcement.