Off-Campus Housing

Off Campus Housing Options

Email for a link to RoomSync - a site for LMU students to find other LMU students as roommates off campus. 


Looking for Temporary/Short-Term Housing:

Synergy is a large international company that offers many different apartments for students, staff, faculty, parents, and friends of LMU looking to have a temporary stay in a nice apartment complex.  To find out more about their offerings and accommodations, please click here. You can also call a Synergy Specialist at (213)-225-8870 for more information


Off Campus Housing Options

OCSL encourages students to live off campus who are ready to fully engaged in the off campus community, including but not limited to being able to independently find an off campus home. While OCSL doesn't endorse any of the following sites, resources that may be helpful to you finding a place to live off campus include: