Be a Resident Director at LMU

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Welcome to the Loyola Marymount University Resident Director Selection Process. We are excited that you have decided to pursue the opportunity to become a Resident Director at LMU.

The Student Housing Office takes great pride in our Residence Life program and we are proud to say that at LMU, students come first. Please take a few moments to explore our web page and see if LMU might be a good fit for you.

Resident Director Selection Process

During Resident Director Selection Process, we hope that you will be able to see first-hand what a special place Loyola Marymount University is. We believe that the recruiting and selection of qualified and outstanding candidates are cornerstones to success. Many hours are spent selecting the best individuals possible to create a diverse team who will serve our diverse student population well.

If you have any questions about our selection process, our residence life program or Los Angeles in general, please do not hesitate to contact one of the members of the Resident Director Search Committee. If you choose to apply, we will keep you updated about your status as the process moves along. We wish you the best of luck with your search.

Position Description

The Resident Director will be responsible for the general management of one or two buildings, housing 180 to 400 residents. Under the supervision of an Assistant Director for Residence Life, the Resident Director will supervise and evaluate undergraduate residence life staff. The RD will be responsible for counseling, conflict mediation, judicial affairs and programming for assigned buildings and share responsibility for campus-wide training, selection, departmental committees and on-call coverage.

The major responsibilities of the position are available here on our Resident Director Job Description.

Resident Director Fact Sheet

Founded in 1911 and located in Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount is the only Jesuit/Marymount University in the southwestern United States. It is institutionally committed to Roman Catholicism and takes its fundamental inspiration from the traditions of its sponsoring religious orders. Loyola Marymount has always been, above all, a student-centered university.

Loyola Marymount understands and declares its purpose to be: the encouragement of learning, the education of the whole person, the service of faith and the promotion of justice.

  • 12 month contract
  • Potential additional salary with summer employment opportunities.
  • 2-year commitment
  • 16 paid vacation days
  • Furnished, rent-free apartment
  • Meal stipend
  • Full benefits package (including optical and dental; retirement with immediate employer contribution)
  • Tuition remission
  • Flexible office hours and community hours
  • Summer employment available
  • 3,000 undergraduate residents; 5,465 undergraduate students; 1,639 graduate students;
  • Live-in/Live-on staff includes 2 Assistant Directors, 12 Resident Directors, 1 Associate Director, 1 Judicial Coordinator, 1 Program Coordinator, 97 Resident Advisors, 5 Program Assistants and 6 RHA E-Board members, Director of Residence Life
  • Participate in weekly duty rotation
  • Manage building programming and staff development budgets
  • Supervise and implement residential theme communities
  • Facilitate educational and social community programs
  • Adjudicate conduct cases as assigned
  • Work cooperatively with RHA (Resident Housing Association) and advise Building Council
  • Chair or serve on department and division committees
  • Professional development opportunities both on and off campus
  • Regional committee involvement available and encouraged
  • Involvement with other Student Affairs departments available and encouraged

Tentative Timeline

December - March Candidate review process
Initial contact
February - March Phone Interviews
Scheduling NASPA Conference Interviews
March 5 - 8 Interview candidates via Skype
Extend on-campus interview offers
March 28 - April 1 Collecting resumes at ACPA

March - April Begin on-campus interviews

*All dates are subject to change.


  • Masters Degree in Counseling and Student Personnel, Higher Education or related field as of August 2009
  • One to two years as a Graduate Resident Director or Full Time Resident Director
  • Experience in supervision of student staff and front desk operations.
  • Experience in advising student hall council or other student organization.
  • Department and campus wide committee involvement
  • Demonstrated experience working with and programming for a diverse student population
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • A commitment to creating communities that engage and support the academic achievements of the students.
  • Emergency/crisis response, on call experience.
  • Experience as a judicial hearing officer.
  • A positive attitude
  • Enthusiasm toward developing new ideas and practices as a department and division.
  • Ability to serve as on call staff member requiring evening and weekend hours.

Benefits/Compensation Package

  • 12 month contract
  • Potential additional salary with summer employment opportunities.
  • Furnished 1 bedroom apartment valued at $14,688 (average cost of a one bedroom apartment in the Westchester area)
  • Meal stipend
  • Paid vacation (16 days), sick (3 + monthly accrual days)
  • Comp days (Wellness days)
  • Full benefits package (including optical and dental; retirement with immediate employer contribution of 9.5% with personal investment of 5%)
  • Opportunity for summer employment
  • Tuition waiver and remission
  • Flexible office hours and community hours (expectation that office hours begin at 10am)
  • Gated/garage parking available on campus

How to Apply to LMU Student Housing


Submit a letter of interest, resume and the names, addresses and phone numbers of three references to via email to: Adam Stafford.


You may also submit via U.S. Postal Service to:

Residence Director Search Committee
Loyola Marymount University
Student Housing Office, Leavey Six 101
1 LMU Drive, MS 8480
Los Angeles, CA 90045


You may also submit via fax to: (310) 338-2390, Attn: Resident Director Search Committee

Resident Director Experiences

I. What are your favorite things about being a Resident Director at LMU?

Most of all I value the strong relationships I have built with my student staff, as well as the staff of the various departments on campus.

My favorite thing about being a Resident Director is certainly the student interaction. Here at LMU, we have some of the most socially-conscious students I have ever met, which has made for an amazing experience.

There are many aspects of this position that I would rank as favorites. It definitely starts with the people here at LMU. There is a collaborative spirit of care here, not only with the students who we work with, but for each other across the division.

I have enjoyed getting to know and working with so many dynamic professionals and students.

Working so closely with the students. . . I spend a great deal of time with them in meetings and simply in the hallways. I also enjoy the fact that a lot of faculty and staff members on campus are aware of the RD position and the type of work that we do. I feel like this is one of the first campuses that really respects the RD position.

My students! I love the small RD-to-resident ratio in each building. It gives me time to really get to know each of my students.

I enjoy working with my students and seeing them grow throughout the year.

The students are absolutely amazing, reflective, and service-driven people.

My co-workers laugh with each other on a daily basis and also manage to be incredibly focused and productive.

The mission of LMU can be seen in everything we do and I love how reflective and intentional our work becomes.

II. How have you benefited professionally by being a Resident Director at LMU?

As someone who is married I’ve felt that both my wife and I are supported and cared for. We are able to live on-campus comfortably while still maintaining a positive balance between our relationship and work.

I have benefited personally because of who my supervisor is! He has really taken time to help me grow as a person and a professional. He does not allow me to settle for being average and has helped me realize my full potential.

This is my first full time professional job and I am so fortunate to have landed at LMU. I had many institutions to choose from my job search but LMU really stood out and I am thankful I chose LMU. I have met some real quality individuals, both staff and students, who really have been instrumental in helping me to understand my own direction and goals to make a positive influence in life and everything that I come in contact with. With a mission-driven identity at LMU, it really shows me how much of a difference it makes to work with others that not only know the mission, but live it and breathe it in their everyday lives.

I have found great friends and support systems within my colleagues. We help to encourage each other everyday to balance work and life.

I have met great people to explore LA with. The experience as a new professional has truly shaped me. I am not the same person who came into this position three years ago.

III. How will being a Resident Director at LMU help you reach your career goals?

We are given so many responsibilities within our position - it makes me feel that no matter what I do after this I will be qualified for a number of positions.

Being an RD at LMU will allow me to reach my goals due to the continuing opportunities that are presented to me at a professional level. My supervisor is always talking to me about my professional development and how I can reach my goals. Everyone here is invested in our professional development!

It really has lots of autonomy built into the position. If you want to see something new or something changed, you have the ability to make that difference. It allows for so much collaboration, which in turn allows you to see the inner-workings of other areas and departments. It really instills that “We’re all in this together” approach which can be transferred to any position.

Due to the fact that LMU is a small university that prides itself on cross departmental/divisional collaboration, it is very easy to make connections with other administrators, faculty, and staff across campus, participate in campus events, and gain experience in other areas of higher education.

In my 3 years as an RD I have created relationships with colleagues across the university and in the region that have proven to be imperative to my success as a new professional. The opportunity to chair both department and divisional committees has been a great opportunity in my development as a professional.

IV. What are some of the benefits/perks that come along with being a Resident Director at LMU?

You get a lot of autonomy within your position and the building you oversee. You get to see how your decisions and actions truly affect the students in your area. It is a ton of responsibility, but also makes what you do way more exciting. I don’t feel micromanaged; I feel trusted to make very important decisions.

I would say the benefits are working for a department that actually cares about who we are as a person! Also, working with talented colleagues who are always willing to support you!

The environment here on campus is one that serves as a perk within itself. Centered in a truly beautiful city, LMU has that small school feel with a big city right outside the gates! I personally get to work with a fantastic theme community, LAX: The Los Angeles Experience, where I get to plan events and experience all that LA has to offer right alongside my residents who desire to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities!

Beyond the incredibly welcoming campus and departmental climate, the opportunities both on and off campus are endless! The department is supportive and encouraging of new voices and ideas and wants you to find “your place” within your position. Being in LA is great! We are 5 minutes from the airport, 10 minutes from the beach, 20 minutes to the city, 60 minutes from Disneyland! Whatever you want to get involved with is here!!

LMU is truly committed to the student experience and the department allows us to tailor our community to foster the best student experience we can. Being able to teach a leaders hip course in collaboration with the office of Student Leadership and Development has been a great opportunity and a welcome break from the daily work as an RD. Being in LA has allowed me to run outside 12 months a year, a very welcome change from growing up in Michigan. The music scene in LA is great, there is always a big show at the Staples Center or a small intimate venue to check out. Being an hour from Disneyland makes for a great post-work campus escape from time to time; the season pass doesn’t hurt either.

V. How have you benefited personally by being a Resident Director at LMU?

I have benefited personally by the relationships that I have built with the individuals in Student Housing as well as throughout the University. I have been encouraged and supported in various career paths that I am exploring. I have learned how to be a better leader as well as learning more about myself in relationship to Student Affairs as a career path.

I have met a lot of amazing people here on campus that I enjoy spending time with. Through RA conferences and work with other universities, I have also gotten to spend some time traveling around southern California and visiting different schools. It has allowed me to see old friends and to explore the city a bit more.

I have found many life-long friends here. And, who wouldn’t want to live so close to the beach?

I have become much more student-focused and mission-driven as a professional. I now realize how vitally important it is that we have some sort of driving force behind the work that we do.

I am living in my dream city with amazing people and amazing students. I am excited to go to work every day and every day is different. The students make me laugh and the staff inspires me daily!

VI. Please share a time when you collaborated with an office outside of Student Housing to work on a project or committee. What did you enjoy about that experience?

I currently work with Career Development Services on a series of programs aimed at helping to prepare our students to begin “Life After LMU.”

I have had the privilege of serving on several committees outside of Student Housing. I have been pleased to see that other professionals are committed to providing the best resources to the students here at LMU. It is nice to see that what we do here stems from a care of the student and a desire to provide them with the resources that they need to succeed.

For Winter Training, I worked with a member of the Ethnic and Intercultural Services office; her insight and passion were key in making our collaborative program a success.

I am working with the office of Judicial Affairs to create a presentation on Facebook and Myspace that we will present to all judicial officers.

I love working on the Student Affairs Divisional Wellness Committee. Even in my first year, I was able to implement new, innovative programs and lay the groundwork for initiatives for future years. I really feel as though I am a valuable and respected part of the committee.

I am the co-director of a theme community that partners with Student Housing and the Center for Service and Action. I work closely with my co-director on all of our meetings, selection processes, service projects, and reflection activities. Together we are in the process of writing an educational curriculum for the upcoming year.

VII. Please describe characteristics of the RAs you work with and why you enjoy having them on your staff.

RAs at LMU are hardworking, deeply committed people who are dependable and thoughtful individuals.

The Resident Advisors are an all-around, fun-loving group. Our RAs value and respect the professional expectation RDs put in place, but still demand that their RDs give them personal attention. It’s this relationship that makes mentoring and building real friendships with our student staff so easy. My student staff amazes me everyday. There is a commitment to social justice and community service in our student staff that astounds me everyday.

The students here are involved in everything. They are trying to make the most of their collegiate experience while also making a difference. The majority of students here are involved in or moved by the social justice issues that are at the forefront of the society we live in. The students that I have had the honor to work with are committed to LMU and are looking for ways to make their school the very best it can be.

My RAs consistently surprise me; they’re academically strong, and they each have a variety of interests and commitments that make them such well-rounded, exciting citizens of the world.

Every one of my RAs is different. They have drastically different majors – everything from Biology to Dance to Latin and Classics. They have different communication styles and confrontation styles but they are all enthusiastic about the position and the students they serve. They relate really well to the first-year students and they enjoy working with each other.

My RAs are full of energy! They are creative, spontaneous, and most importantly, they support each other as a TEAM!

VIII. What are some things you find that LMU does well?

LMU has an amazing group of students and does a tremendous job of creating a community.

LMU does a good job of continually assessing itself to meet the needs of their students. I believe LMU is not afraid to look at itself and say, “we tried but that did not work --- back to the drawing board”. That is what I think makes this place unique. The needs and welfare of the students definitely come first.

LMU is very good at identifying what its mission and purpose are.

LMU is very good at getting their philosophy and message across. They do it effectively and creatively. LMU also works to provide their students with a variety of activities and understands that the college experience is about more than just academics.

I feel like LMU really knows what it is about, where it has come from, and where it is going as a university. There is a real mentality of “we’re in this together” which has made it easy to find my place as a first-year professional. I feel like we have a common language, and collaboration amongst departments is highly encouraged. I also think that LMU people are genuinely fun people to work with on a daily basis!

IX. Please describe your experience on the Residence Life Team.

The Residence Life team is a diverse group of individuals. I enjoy working with them and am happy to call them colleagues and friends.

I have definitely felt that I am part of a team that is always looking for ways to become better. I appreciate that I am respected and that we produce amazing work as a team.

I think we all have our challenges at some point, but the thing that I value most about this group is their openness to meet new people from all sorts of lifestyles. The team genuinely seems to get along professionally and is consistently there to support one another.

It has been a pleasure working with a talented group of individuals from all parts of the country and world. I have really enjoyed my experience so far and look forward to sharing that with others!

X. What are some of the things you enjoy about working in the Department of Student Housing at LMU?

The fact that it really does feel like a family. I feel like what happens with me does affect everyone else around here and they simply care. I like that you are given a lot of responsibility and your opinion does matter within the department.

I would say working for a department that really understands why we are in this profession. Everyone is here for the right reasons and it shows. There has been tremendous growth and it has been intentional. The department works together and there is always laughter amongst all of us. I love that I am friends with my colleagues.

I really enjoy the people that I work with! I can confidently say that every decision that is made is a decision that strongly reflects within our mission. Everyone really is very student-focused and is in their position for the right reasons.

I very much enjoy my colleagues within the office. It is apparent that we are here to serve students well and make a conscious effort everyday to keep each other in the loop about happenings on campus and with students. I feel that there is an incredible amount of communication, trust, and respect amongst the people in the office.

Our work-hard, play-hard mentality: you might need to be in your office until 10pm on occasion, but the next day chances are we will go out for happy hour or go to see a movie.

XI. What are some of the things you enjoy about working in the Division of Student Affairs at LMU?

Everyone is so dedicated to school and making this a better place for the students. The mission is always a focus no matter who you are working with so it gives us all a direction for programs, events or initiatives.

The collaboration that we all do, as well as the fact that the Division really recognizes the hard work of the Student Housing office. I also love that I know everyone in the Division and that we have a division co-ed softball team.

The UNITY! From the very beginning, you get the opportunity to grow close to the entire department through a special orientation! Also, our VP of Student Affairs instills a strong sense of pride and tradition amongst the division. We also have a lot of fun with meet-n-greets, BBQs, and the annual dodge ball tournament!

I love the fact that everyone in the division wants to get to know people in other departments on a professional and personal level. This is helpful when there are issues on campus with students because I can call a colleague in another department to collaborate on solutions to whatever has come up within my building. The division does not work in silos… we are all involved in each other’s process and the collaboration is encouraged!

That most of us have an understanding and respect for the different type work being done across the division.

XII. What do you enjoy about living in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a very diverse and culturally rich area that has tremendous opportunities for all types of recreation and entertainment.

I enjoy not having to deal with the snow.

The culture, the climate, the ocean, the mountains, the desert, proximity to San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Las Vegas, the bustle of a big city.

I enjoy the variety. After moving from Vermont, the sheer variety of places to go and people you see has been enough to keep me happy and occupied. I love going to the beach in late November and finding that it is still warm and there are people everywhere.

The food! The culture! The shopping! The concerts! The amusement parks! The diversity of experiences you can have in one day really blows me away....But honestly, with me, it's all about the food!

Variety of culture, the weather!, museums, nightlife -- there’s never a dull moment.

EVERYTHING! This has been my dream city for the longest time – I love the culture, the events, the concerts, the beach, the weather, the food, the different neighborhoods, the nightlife…everything. Well, except the traffic ;)

There is so much to do! In the six months I have lived here, I have never been bored. There are hundreds of museums, countless opportunities for concerts and theatre performances, we have every type of major sports teams, and are also the proud home of David Beckham! There is always a new restaurant to try, a new neighborhood to explore, and the beach can be seen from campus! We have the best of absolutely every world because we have all of the benefits of living in a city, but campus is set in a residential neighborhood so it doesn’t feel like you live in an urban setting.

XIII. What do the student staff have to say about the RDs?

My RD is someone who I can trust will keep my best interest in mind and someone whom I can confide in when there is too much on my plate. An RD has to be someone genuine and who truly wants to make a difference, more than just sitting at a desk 9-5.

I enjoy working with my RD because he understands students and their needs. When we RAs go to our RD for something we need, he has probably been in the same situation as us at one time, and now can empathize with our needs. He is more of a mentor than a boss to me, and I can be completely honest with him.

I enjoy working with my RD because of her attitude toward her position. She is professional, and makes a point of keeping our staff on task. She offers constructive criticism, vital to growth as an RA. Most importantly, she has a vibrant personality, and is very easy to talk to, on both professional and personal levels.

I have a good relationship with my RD that goes beyond the typical boss / employee one. While still maintaining a proper level of respect and authority, my RD is also able to connect to me and my staff on the level of a friend and a peer.

My RD is very organized and efficient which is great because as an RA/student, RA, and VP of my sorority, my time is very valuable. He understands that we all have other obligations and is considerate so that no area is neglected, rather he allows me to be able to give 110% in everything I am involved in.

I enjoy working with my Resident Director because he is so kind and caring to the needs of his staff as well as the residents. My RD is always there for me and willing to lend a helpful hand. His constant encouragement and support motivates me to be the best RA that I can be.