Room and Meal Plan Rates

Housing Rates

All rates are for the 2016-2017 academic year. Rates for all buildings are subject to change and are increased annually. You will be charged the rate listed below for the particular room or apartment to which you are assigned, even if that building, room or apartment was not ranked among your preferences on the online application. Rates for students in overassigned/temporary spaces are prorated 20% for each day in the overassigned/temporary conditions. Students living in single housing will be charged an increased rate. Please contact the Student Housing Office for detailed information.
All traditional residence halls are smoke-free buildings and are closed during winter break. A meal plan is required.
Del Rey North Coed $9,715.00
Del Rey South Coed $9,715.00
Desmond  Female $9,715.00
Doheny Coed $9,715.00
Huesman Male $9,715.00
McKay* Coed $9,715.00
Rosecrans Coed $9,715.00
Sullivan Female $9,715.00
Whelan Coed $9,715.00

*Traditional style housing rate

All suite-style halls are coed, smoke-free buildings and are closed during winter break. A meal plan is required.
McCarthy Suite $10,085.00
McKay Suite $9,805.00
Rains  Suite $10,085.00
McCarthy Private Double $10,590.00
Rains Private Double $10,590.00
McCarthy Single Suite $12,102.00
Rains Single Suite $12,102.00
All apartments are coed, smoke-free buildings and remain open during winter break. Rates include utilities. A meal plan is optional.
Hannon Coed $11,540.00
Leavey 4 Coed $11,985.00
Leavey 5 Coed $11,985.00
Leavey 6 Coed $11,985.00
O'Malley Coed $11,985.00
Tenderich Coed $11,540.00

LMU at Playa Del Oro: Graduate Housing

Playa Del Oro Apartment $21,600.00 ($1,800.00/month)*

*Each resident will be charged a residency fee of $10,800 in both July 2016 and January 2017. These charges will appear on your student account. 

Meal Plan Rates

Dining Services offers four pre-paid, non-refundable LION meal plans. Each plan contains LION Dollars, which are declining balance accounts, and the L, I and O plans also offer LION Points per semester to use at Community Table. Conveniently accessed with your OneCard, your plan can be used to purchase food for yourself, friends and guests in one of our many outstanding campus dining venues.

Meal Plans
All students living in the residence halls are required to purchase one of the four plans. Commuter and apartment residents are not required to have a meal plan but may purchase any of the plans through the online application.

Which Plan Should I Purchase?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Plan L is for the student who will not miss any meals and who will be on campus most weekends. Plan I is for the hearty eater who may not be on campus some weekends. Light eaters usually find the O and N plans sufficient.

LION Dollar Plans
All LION plans are credited to the student’s OneCard in semester increments. The balances of each LION Dollars will carry forward from fall to spring semesters, but will not carry forward from one academic year to the next. The LION Points will not roll over from one semester to the next.

Meal Plans L I O N
2016/2017 Cost per Academic Year $4,400.00 $3,700.00 $3,300.00 $2,900.00
Cost per semester $2,200.00 $1,850.00 $1,650.00 $1,450.00
LION DOLLARS (per semester) $1,792.00 $1,644.00 $1,509.00 $1,450.00
LION POINTS/AYCE (per semester) 48 24 16 0
Additional All You Care to Eat (AYCE) Events (per swipe)
Concsessions (unlimited popcorn and free fountain drink with item)
Crimson Lion (unlimited soup and salad entree)
Tailgate (access)
Meal Plan Changes
Students are only able to make changes to their meal plan the 3rd week of the fall semester. No changes are allowed during the spring semester unless a student is new for the spring semester.