Meal Plans

General information

LMU Dining Services designs meal plans to meet a variety of different dining needs.  Whether you are on the go and in need of a quick snack, or in the mood to sit down, relax and enjoy a full meal, LMU Dining Services has just what you are looking for.  For specific questions regarding campus dining services, please visit LMU Dining Services. 

LION Meal Plans are required for all students living in traditional residence halls and suites, but are optional for students living in on-campus apartments and houses. These four meal plans are California sales-tax exempt, non-refundable, are for the entire academic year, and are purchased through the student housing application.  All students applying for on-campus housing must select a meal plan through the student housing online application.  If you are assigned to an apartment, you will not be charged for a meal plan unless you indicate in the application that you want a meal plan.

Students not living on campus, but who want to purchase a meal plan, may do so through the student housing application for off campus residents. 

The meal plan you select is charged and applied to a student's OneCard in semester amounts. To see the semester amounts, please refer to the table below. When buying a meal plan in the fall semester, you are also buying the same meal plan for the spring semester. You will be charged for and receive the funds for the spring amount later in the fall semester. The spring amount will be added to the student’s OneCard in late December.  Students who use the entire fall semester amount before the spring semester amount is added may purchase S Dollars as a supplemental meal plan through the OneCard Office or Student Accounts 

S-Dollars is a supplemental meal plan option that is available for purchase by undergraduate students, but does not take the place of the LION meal plan. Balances remaining in the S-Dollar account are carried forward from year to year as long as the cardholder is actively enrolled at LMU. The money spent from the S-Dollar account is tax-free and non-refundable, and can be used at any of the on campus eateries.

LION meal plans are non-refundable, are for the entire academic year, and can be used until July 31st. Any remaining balance after that date will be removed. 

Meal Plan Changes

Before July 1st, you can complete the "Meal Plan Change Request *Fall 2014 Only" form online to make a request to change your LION plan or cancel a meal plan if you are assigned to an apartment. To access the form, please log in to MyLMU and click on “System Logins” on the top right to access the option titled “Student Housing Online Services” from the drop down menu. Select the “My Housing” tab and then the link titled “Forms.”

After July 1st, if you wish to make any changes to your LION Plan, you are able to do so during the 3rd week of the fall semester ONLY. Please come to the Student Housing Office during our business hours that week to change your LION Plan..

How to Purchase a Meal Plan

To purchase a meal plan, please log in to Student Housing Online Services via MyLMU. Students who live off campus and wish to have a LION meal plan may purchase a plan using the online application. 

Each of the LION meal plans has a different buy-in amount. Each plan contains LION Dollars, which are declining balance accounts and the L, I, and O plans also offer LION points per semester. The LION points can only be used for Community Table meals, which are only offered during the semester, not during holiday breaks, and the LION points do not roll over from one semester to the next.  Three LION plans now allow access to the Lair Community Table Dinner and Brunch meals via "Lion Points". For more information about the meal plan options, please visit LMU Dining Services

For the 2014-2015 LION Meal Plan fees, please refer to the table below.

Meal Plan Chart 2014-2015