Resident Housing Association (RHA)

The Resident Housing Association (RHA) is an organization of student leaders that represent residents living on-campus. RHA is responsible for establishing and maintaining a positive living environment for students. To achieve this, RHA is committed to three objectives: programming, leadership, and advocacy.


RHA provides students with opportunities to get to know their fellow residents through organizing events on campus as well as in the Los Angeles area. RHA members meet each week to plan, implement, and evaluate programs in the halls. The goal of these programs is to build a sense of community within the residence halls that will give residents a homey environment where they can grow and thrive.


RHA members are asked to be leaders among their peers. They are presented with leadership opportunities that allow them to develop their full potential. As they learn new skills, they take them back to the halls to help create a fun and lively community.


RHA members serve as representatives for their residential community. In order to make sure life on campus is safe and encompassing, RHA members raise concerns about areas where the campus can be improved as well as provide positive feedback for what is working well. 

RHA is the second largest organization on campus, making it a great opportunity to meet people and build a stronger network at LMU. Many members of RHA go on to hold other leadership positions on campus such as RHA Executive Board Members, Resident Advisors, Housing Programming Assistants, officers of ASLMU, and members of Greek Life and Service Organizations.