Area Offices & Front Desks

lmu housing area offices front desks

Area Offices

There are three Student Housing Area Offices that provide a number of services to on-campus LMU students. Area Offices are open during the academic year and locations and hours can be found below.

Services provided at the Area Offices include: One-Hour Lockout cards, rentals of moving bins and recreation equipment, checking in and out of housing, free toilet paper and trash bags, and students have the ability to check-out vacuums and other cleaning supplies.

Area Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8am-10pm
Saturday  CLOSED
Sunday  Noon - 9pm

Area Office Locations

Northeast Area Office: Founders Pavilion

South Area Office: Leavey Suite J (across from Mckay Hall

West Area Office: Leavey 6, 201

Front Desks

The Student Housing Front Desks serve two important functions: student satisfaction and safety. In order to accomplish these goals our approach is three-fold that all focuses on: Customer Service, Safety, and Community Development.

Front Desk Hours

Sunday – Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday – Saturday 9:00pm – 3:00am
  Closes Sunday at 3am 

Front Desk Locations

Del Rey North, Del Rey South, Desmond, Doheny, Huesman, McCarthy, McKay, Rains, Rosecrans, Sullivan, Whelan

Customer Service

  • Providing information and resources to students and visitors regarding the community, Student Housing Office, Loyola Marymount University and the surrounding Los Angeles area.
  • Referring concerns or complaints to appropriate Residence Life personnel at times when the Student Housing Office or any other pertinent campus office is closed.
  • Help create work orders for residents.


  • Monitoring the entry of each student and visitor entering the building.
  • Reporting any suspicious or threatening activity to appropriate Residence Life personnel.
  • Serving as the center of communication in emergency situations.

Community Development

  • Learning resident’s names and engaging in casual conversation.
  • Planning and hosting ways to engage residents to interact beyond guest check-in, such as, bulletin board education.
  • Have educational resources available at the desk such as finals snacks with study tips.
  • Have education resources, activity flyers and occasional resident treats available at the desk.