Community Resources

Review the following list to find more information on temporary storage, renting or buying a microfridge, purchasing linens and towels, and student personal property insurance. While you are not required to use these resources, you may find them helpful as you turn your on campus residence into a true home away from home!

Beyond the Bluff (BTB Grants)

The LMU Student Housing Office established the “Beyond the Bluff” Grant to provide year-round funding opportunities for special projects and initiatives that enhance the student experience and enrich the University community. This grant provides support to encourage and develop student creativity and ideas. The grant is intended to promote student trips and activities beyond the LMU campus. 

In order to qualify for a BTB Grant, ALL of the following requirements must be met:

  • Student must attend LMU and live on campus.
  • Event must be appropriate and align with LMU mission and values.
  • Application must be filled out completely in order to be considered.
  • All participants must be registered students at LMU at the time of application.
    • All participants must be residing on-campus at the time of application.
    • All participants must be recognized by and be a member in good standing with the University.
    • Minimum of 5 participants.
    • Events must take place within one month of approval.

Selection Criteria

Each project application will be reviewed and judged in relation to the following criteria:

  • Feasibility
  • Creativity
  • Responsible and efficient use of funds
  • Potential for community growth
  • Appropriateness for LMU’s Jesuit identity
  • For more details contact us at: