Public Transportation

No Car? No Problem! 

If you don't have a car here on campus, there are still plenty of ways for you to get off campus. Even if are going somewhere outside of the Lion Express routes, you have options.

1.  Ride the Lion Express.  
We can easily transport you to the more popular LMU destinations during our operating hours.

2. Take the Bus  
The bus is an affordable, reliable method of transportation.  Los Angeles MTA offers a trip planner to help you find your way to many locations around the LA Metro area.

Local Buses*
Santa Monica 3
Route Information and Map  |  Destinations   | 
Schedules:   Santa Monica 3 Map and Schedule

3.  Call A Taxi.
LMU has teamed up with Yellow Cab to now take Flexi dollars. For more information, click here

4. Walk or Ride a Bike. 
There are plenty of places near LMU that can be reached by foot or by bicycle. 

5. Zipcar
LMU has teamed with Zipcar to provide the popular car-sharing program on campus.  Click here for more information.

*This bus information is subject to change. Students should check with Big Blue Bus for more information.