About Us


Asian Pacific Student Services (APSS) was established in 1980 as a result of the advocacy efforts of the Asian Pacific Student Association (APSA). APSA started as a coalition of students whose identity transcended any one particular Asian group. For several years, APSA provided support services for first year Asian students. They also sponsored cultural events & workshops. As the number of Asian Pacific American students at LMU increased, the needs of the community began to outweigh APSA's ability to provide necessary services. The University responded to APSA's request in 1980 be creating Asian Pacific Student Services and hiring its first, full-time professional director. Asian American and Pacific Islander students comprise approximately 13%of undergraduates at LMU. 


Asian Pacific Student Services engages the intercultural community at Loyola Marymount University in the issues, cultures, and experiences of the Asian Pacific Americans through advocacy, community building, education, resources, programming, and the development of leaders. APSS aims to raise social consciousness by cultivating individuals to have an open and developing understanding of Asian Pacific Americans and the larger global community. 


  • To advocate on behalf of the Asian Pacific American campus community. 
  • To develop transformational leaders within the Asian Pacific American Community. 
  • To raise awareness among and about the Asian Pacific American Community. 
  • To celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander cultural heritage.
  • To build sense a community among Asian Pacific Americans at LMU.
  • To serve as a source of intercultural and cross cultural educational programming for the entire LMU campus community.