Program & Initiatives

  • Mbongi
    Also known as the Black Freshman Welcome, this event marks the Black Community’s first event of the school year and an opportunity for Black faculty, staff, and students to embrace the newest class of future leaders. 
  • Black Family Dialogue
    A monthly gathering of the Black Community during which pertinent societal issues are analyzed and critiqued via panels and small group discussions.
  • Soul Cinema Series
    A movie presentation and dialogue that guides students in developing a better understanding of their own identity and Black history.  
  • Real Talk
    A talk-show formatted convening that facilitates mentoring and the provision of resources through familiarization of students with Black faculty and staff.
  • Black History Month
    The annual celebration of the achievements of Africans/African Americans and the recognition of their central role in American history marked by celebratory events and collaborative programming, designed to educate and create awareness.  
  • Kente Graduation
    Annual graduation celebration that commemorates the personal and academic accomplishments of Black seniors.