What is LMU CARES?

LMU Campus Awareness Resource Education Services (CARES) provides education to the campus community about resources, support and policies at the university regarding sexual and interpersonal misconduct and prevention. ‌

Through the LMU CARES website or an LMU CARES workshop or program, the campus community can learn:

  • What constitutes sexual and interpersonal misconduct
  • What is consent
  • How to be an effective bystander and step in to help others
  • What to do if you or a friend experience sexual or interpersonal misconduct
  • What resources are available both on- and off-campus to support someone who has experienced misconduct
  • What additional events are taking place to continue to bring awareness to and encourage the prevention of sexual and interpersonal misconduct at LMU


Please contact LMU CARES for more information on programming and training in the areas of healthy relationships, consent, bystander intervention and sexual assault prevention.

Our Staff

LMU CARES is overseen by Briana Maturi, Special Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Student Affairs.

  • Phone: (310) 258-8628
  • Office: Malone Student Center, Office 355
  • Email: bmaturi@lmu.edu