On Campus Supervisors

The purpose of student employment is to provide students with valuable work experience and training. Students will learn through hands-on learning; for example: exposure to office procedures, bookkeeping, and project organization. Another way is by encouraging participation in SES training workshops, which will enhance and/or improve their existing skills.

As a Supervisor, you will be expected  to...

  • Become familiar with SES policies and procedures in order to increase communication between student, supervisor, and SES.
  • Keep track of your student’s funding; make sure the student does not exceed their award by maintaining records of student’s declining balances, as well as your department’s balance. The departmental report, accessed through Metaviewer, will enable you to see the student’s remaining funds and award balance in addition to your departmental fund balance. 
  • Review and approve student hours reported on MyTime. This is essential to controlling fraud and monitoring departmental allocations. 
  • Remember, students model what they see and experience. As supervisors and professional LMU staff, we must model the performance we expect from our student staff. The working relationship you have with your staff will be reflected by the productivity and quality of work on the job!