lmu student worker program

About the Student Worker Program

Who We Are

The Student Worker Program is unique to Loyola Marymount University. Student Workers are given the opportunity to live and work on campus on a year-round basis while simultaneously earning money toward their tuition. The Student Worker Program is comprised of 24 students, working in various university departments. There, they will gain the experience and connections to become some of the most well rounded students LMU has to offer.

The Student Worker Program was established in 1957. The Program was created to give students with significant financial need an opportunity to earn a college education at Loyola Marymount University in exchange for their contributions campus-wide. Over time the program has undergone many improvements to enhance the Student Worker experience to it’s full potential. 

What We Do

The Student Workers retain a demanding schedule obliging them to develop time management skills during their years of involvement. In their particular placement, students work 20 hours a week while attending school full time. The Student Workers have many resources readily available to assist them during their college journey. This is due to the support of administrators who oversee the program and prioritize the success of each student.

  • Summer Orientation: All Student Workers are required to attend this group experience, introducing new members to the program, building community and preparing the group for the coming year.
  • Crew Jobs: In addition to their work placements, all Student Workers take part in crew jobs that primarily involves physical work. This crew work coincides with large, campus-wide events and requires the participation of all members; the largest being commencement.
  • On Campus Jobs: In addition to crew jobs there are a number of smaller job requests throughout the year completed by the available crew. This sometimes intersects with class and work, but your class and placement are the priority. 

Contact the Student Worker Program

For information about the Student Worker Program, call (310) 338-7606. To schedule the Student Workers for your office or department, visit Schedule the Student Workers.