Join a Club Sport

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How to Join a Sport Club

If you are interested in joining a specific club sport team, first contact the club's president or summer contact.

Prospective students and club officers from other schools should contact the Club Sports office for the club's contact information.

Register for Club Sports

After contacting the club president, login into Orgsync and join our Club Sports portal in order to register. If you have experience any issues or have any questions, please contact the Club Sports office.

Club Sports at LMU

Maroon Level: Highly-Competitive Clubs

‌‌‌Men's Ice Hockey

Men's Lacrosse

‌Men's Rugby

Navy Level: Semi-Competitive Clubs

Men's Baseball

Men's Soccer

Men's Volleyball

Ski & Snowboard


Women's Basketball

Women's Lacrosse

Women's Soccer

Women's Volleyball

NOTE: "Recreational" sports clubs do not report to Campus Recreation's Club Sports program. These clubs only report to the Office of Student Leadership and Development.