Class Descriptions


Boot Camp Extreme

Looking to amp up your workout this Summer? The mantra of this class is “challenging but doable!” Come prepared to test your limits and rev your metabolism. This 45-55 minute total body toning class will include a combination of plyometrics, sport specific training drills, and functional strength exercises to maximize results!

Brazilian Booty

Not your ordinary dance class! Be ready for a fun filled class that incorporates dance, Zumba, and strength moves all the while increasing your flexibility!

Core Barre

Want to grow longer and leaner? If so, this is the class for you! Core Barre combines the best of yoga, ballet, and Pilates-alternating between movement and stretching to build elegant, lean muscles. The goal of this class is to tone your thighs, seat, abdominals, and arms. Expect improvements in your posture, increased flexibility, and a strengthen core. Better yet, prepared to be both challenged and inspired!

CORE-tastic Abs

20 minutes devoted to training the rectus abdominals, transverse, oblique, and lower-back muscles.

Cycle Core & Strength

This is not your regular cycle class, be ready for a full body workout. An intense ride that incorporates arms, legs and core strengthening exercises along the way. Be prepared to work hard on and off the bike! (20-30 minutes will be spent working at full throttle in the saddle followed by a strength segment off the bike).


Hit the road! Sprint, climb, and jump without ever leaving L.A. Don’t forget your water bottle or towel, the road gets slippery when wet! This class is for all-levels but please come early if it is your first time. *Limit 25 per class.

Pi-Yo Fusion

Increase flexibility, strength & balance with this fusion of Pilates and yoga inspired poses while flowing to music. Get your yoga and Pilates fix in one class!

Triple Threat

Have fun and work hard while taking on a new challenge each week, combining cardio, core and strength all in one during this intense 60 minute class, utilizing various pieces of equipment between studio 1 & 2 in order to challenge your body, mind, and spirit this summer!

TRX & Studio 2 Circuit

Get ready for the ultimate body weight and core challenge! This fast-paced workout combines strength exercises with cardio drills. The sets will keep your heart rate pumping as you power through the reps at your own pace. Build muscle, tighten your core and increase your flexibility with this intense 55 minute workout! This class is for all-levels but please come early if it is your first time. *Instructor may use additional strength equipment such as TRX straps, Kettle Bells, Slammers, Ropes, Dumbbells, and/or Plyo-boxes. *Limit 14 per class.

Yoga Flow

Harmonize the mind, body, and spirit. A dynamic flowing sequence of postures linking breath and movement. Practice begins with postures