About COC

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Consistent with its mission, the Loyola Marymount University is committed to the academic and personal success of each student. Occasionally, during their college career, a student may demonstrate some level of distress that prevents her from being successful in the university environment. The Community of Care (COC) program is designed to assist the student dealing with distress in their lives and take positive steps to get back on track.

It is often members of the LMU community — faculty, staff and other students — may observe a change in behavior that indicates that a student is experiencing a level of distress. Behaviors may include such things as changes in academic performance, unexplained or repeated class absences, disruptive classroom or residence hall behavior, appearing depressed, anxious, or withdrawn, or changes in personal hygiene or physical appearance.

In Case of a Concern

The Community of Care program provides a means for you to share your concern and enlist staff in the Student Affairs Dean’s Office in reaching out to the student to offer assistance.

You are encouraged to call (310) 338-3756, email the Student Affairs Dean's Office, or access the convenient online referral form through PROWL to share a concern.

Community of Care exists as a campus resource to enhance the safety and wellbeing of students. To be most effective, COC relies on everyone within our community to demonstrate cura personalis, "the care of the person." In doing so, you will help our students have an opportunity for success at Loyola Marymount University.

Mission of COC

The mission of the Loyola Marymount University Community of Care — a collaborative case-management program — is to enhance community safety and student well-being. The Community of Care provides prevention, assessment, and intervention for and with students as they navigate the challenges that stand in their way of academic and personal success.

Community of Care Team

  • Paul Vu, Ph.D., Assistant Dean of Students (Chair)
  • Jeanne Ortiz, Ph.D., Vice President of Student Affairs / Dean of Students
  • Jennifer Belichesky, Ed.D., Assistant Dean of Students
  • Priscilla Levine, Director, Disability Support Services (ex-officio member)
  • Kristin Linden, Ph.D., Director of Student Psychological Services (ex-officio member)
  • Ricardo Machon, Ph.D., Academic Representative
  • Steven Nygaard, Director, Student Housing
  • Francesca Piumetti, Associate Dean of Students / Judicial Affairs
  • Lorianne Harrison-Reyes, Student Affairs Resource Coordinator
  • Rich Rocheleau, Associate Vice President of Student Life
  • Frank Zaccaria, Associate Director of Investigation (DPS)