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Connect with each individual resource or support network available at Loyola Marymount University:

  • Academic Resource Center

    (310) 338-2847 | Daum Hall 2nd Floor

    The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides academic support for all LMU students. It is the mission of the ARC to promote engaged academic citizenship and to provide opportunities for students to become more fully integrated into the rich and diverse culture of the university. Certified ARC peer tutors provide one-on-one writing support for papers in any class and lead a wide variety of writing workshops. All services are included in the cost of tuition. Please explore the many resources ARC has to offer by browsing their website.

  • Campus Ministry

    (310) 338-2860 | Malone Student Center 210; Sacred Heart Chapel, 1st Floor

    Campus Ministry is dedicated to promoting the spiritual growth and faith formation of our LMU students. Programs are designed to encourage learning, to care for the whole person, and to foster the service of faith and the promotion of justice. Ministry is rooted in the university’s Roman Catholic identity and the heritage of our sponsoring religious communities with special attention given to Ignatian spirituality. Likewise, through various programs and staff, Campus Ministry reaches out to support people of all faith backgrounds -- all those searching for deeper meaning in their lives. Please reach out to and explore their website to see all the services Campus Ministry has to provided students a place to Believe, to Belong, and to Become.

  • Career and Professional Development

    (310) 338-2871 | Von der Ahe 135

    The Office of Career and Professional Development provides the resources and experiences to help students leverage their Jesuit education to achieve their full potential.

    • Identify their values, interests, and skill-set
    • Understand how these skills relate to professional life
    • Explore a wide range of careers that reflect skills and interests
    • Develop and pursue a career plan for after college
  • Center of Service and Action

    (310) 338-2959 | St. Robert’s Annex

    The Center of Service and Action offers students and graduates a range of opportunities to volunteer their time serving those disadvantaged or oppressed. Service opportunities are available both locally and abroad through dedicated service groups or special events.

  • Community of Care

    (310) 338-3756 | Malone Student Center 401

    The mission of the Loyola Marymount University Community of Care (COC), a collaborative, case management program, is to enhance community safety and student well-being. The Community of Care provides prevention, assessment, and intervention for and with students as they navigate the challenges that stand in their way of academic and personal success. Please contact the Student Affairs Dean’s Office for more information.

  • Disability Support Services

    (310) 338-4216 | Daum Hall, 2nd Floor

    Disability Support Services (DSS) provides specialized assistance and resources to enable students with physical, perceptual, learning, ADHD and/or psychological disabilities to achieve maximum independence while pursuing their educational goals. The DSS staff provides appropriate services and accommodations to students who have established disabilities under federal and state law.

  • Ethnic and Intercultural Services

    (310) 338-5808 | Malone Student Center 201

    Ethnic and Intercultural Services lead students and the university in an understanding of interculturalism that transforms into a community where gifts are enriched and empowered. EIS assists students in creating a dynamic understanding of themselves, understanding themselves in relation to others and cultivating university citizens and leaders.

  • Financial Aid Office

    (310) 338-2753 | Von der Ahe 270

    The Financial Aid Office is dedicated to providing sound stewardship of 170 million dollars in university, government and private funds that are utilized by our students to finance their LMU education. Our student–focused staff assists students and their families to seek out, acquire and make the best use of all resources available to help them finance the cost of attending LMU. Staff ensures that there is equity and consistency in the delivery of funds and processes.

  • First Year Experience

    (310) 338-5252 | Malone Student Center 301

    The mission of First Year Experience (FYE) is rooted in the university's mission. The FYE office provides first year students with strategic and academic skills. Along with opportunities to explore and set personal and professional goals, establish a connection with campus life, and become prepared for life after the University.

  • Judicial Affairs

    (310) 338-1821 | Malone Student Center 355

    The Department of Judicial Affairs is committed to fostering an environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge. Such an environment is based upon respect, trust, integrity, and accountability. Through education and by upholding community standards detailed in the Student Conduct Code, Judicial Affairs holds students accountable for their actions and helps them grow into more responsible and community-minded persons.

  • LGBTQ Student Services

    (310) 258-5482 | Malone Student Center 201

    LGBTQ Student Services promotes equality, visibility and inclusion of LGBT students within the LMU community through education and dialogue. The office also serves as the primary resource and support center for students of all orientations and gender identities.


    (310) 258-4381 | Malone Student Center 403

    LMU CARES (Campus Awareness Resource Education Services) provides education to the campus community about resources, support and policies at the university regarding sexual and interpersonal misconduct and prevention. Email the LMU Cares Coordinator for more information at

  • Office for International Student Services

    (310) 338-2937 | Malone Student Center 201

    The Office for International Student Services (OISS) serves as a resource by ensuring regulatory compliance. OISS provides programs and services that support international students' and scholars' social, educational and professional success, thereby, creating an engaged global community.

  • Off-Campus Student Life

    (310) 338-2350 | Malone Student Center 103

    Off Campus Student Life (OCSL) addresses the needs and concerns of off-campus students, particularly those living in the surrounding neighborhoods of the LMU campus. The goal is for students to have a positive, enriching and safe experience in their off-campus lives. To that end, programs and services are offered to help promote good relationships with neighbors by increasing students’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities.

  • Office of the Registrar

    (310) 338-2740 | Von der Ahe 150

    The Office of the Registrar is committed to serving the college community and executing its assigned tasks in a manner that is efficient, professional, and ethical. In fulfilling the mission of LMU, the Registrar’s Office designs and implements efficient systems for student registration, class scheduling, and room assignments; creates and maintains accurate academic records, and ensures the integrity of the LMU degree.

  • Student Employment Services

    (310) 338-2871 | Malone Student Center 401

    Approximately 3,500 students are employed on the LMU campus and in the Westchester communities. Research shows that students who work moderate hours (10-20 hours a week) learn to manage their time better which can lead to improved academic performance. Through participation in Student Employment Services (SES), students contribute their time and talents to the Westchester and on-campus communities while gaining valuable work experience.

  • Student Health Services

    (310) 338-2881 | Burns Recreation Center, North Entrance, First Floor

    Student Health Services (SHS) is dedicated to providing those services, opportunities and experiences, which compliment academic pursuits, facilitate personal development, and create a safe and healthy campus community. Student Health Services is supportive of the university mission and efforts to retain and graduate intelligent well-informed, faith-filled men and women.

  • Student Housing Office

    (310) 338-2963 | Leavey 6, First Floor

    The Student Housing Office (SHO) provides a living and learning environment that empowers students to realize their full potential and make friends that will last a lifetime. On-campus student housing accommodates over 3,200 students living in residence halls and apartments . Residence Life, Resident Ministers, Resident Services and Faculty in Residence/Fellows coordinate together within SHO to provide programs and services that bring students together in a community that honors human diversity and accepts students as individuals, each with rights and responsibilities.

  • Student Psychological Services

    (310) 338-2868 | Burns Recreation Center, North Entrance, Second Floor

    Student Psychological Services (SPS) provides confidential services for LMU students, including individual and group counseling, walk-in consultations, emergency psychological services, and psycho-educational outreach programming. SPS also offers psychological consultation to students, faculty, staff, or parents who are concerned about a student. SPS professional staff will provide students with a professional consultation for a student. There are no charges for services.

  • Student Success

    (310) 338-5252 | Malone Student Center 201

    The Student Success office provides services to make transitions as smooth as possible. Whether it is trying to figure out how to find information on PROWL, finding a way to get involved on campus, or finding a job, Student Success Office (SSO) will assist. SSO provides unique opportunities for involvement and engagement with the following programs and services: First Year Experience, Transfer Programs, Guardian Scholars Program, Veteran Programs, and The Learning Community (TLC@LMU). Parent Programs is also within the SSO to assist the parents and families of our students.

  • Committee on the Status of Women

    (310) 338-4585

    The Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) is a University Standing Committee charged with addressing issues of special concern to women students, staff, and faculty on the LMU campus and advising the President on these issues.

  • Veteran Programs

    (424) 568-8387 | Malone Student Center 201

    The Veteran Programs office welcomes Veterans, children of veterans and students who are veterans. The Veteran program provides resources and support for academic transition, and integrate Veterans into university life with success.