10.27.22 Halloween Safety Reminders

October 27, 2022

Dear LMU Students,

Happy Week 9! I hope you are excited about all of the fall events going on. As we enter into this festive time, I know many of you will be celebrating Halloween and Día de los Muertos, and I want to encourage you to find fun and safe ways to be in community with one another this weekend.

  • Costumes: As you begin to pick out a costume to celebrate Halloween, take some time to consider how your costume might affect others. Use good judgment, be respectful of others’ cultures and beliefs, and stay safe.
  • Neighborhood: If you live at or near LMU, or will be attending events in the neighborhood, please be mindful that you’re in a residential area. We ask that you be respectful and considerate of the neighbors around you by watching your noise level. If you have any questions, click here to review the Community Relations policy.
  • Safety: I encourage you to make smart decisions this weekend and be a person for and with others. Watch out for your friends and ask them to watch out for you. Remember the LMU CARES education you received regarding alcohol, drugs, and consent? Do you remember what CCOW stands for? Consent is clear, coherent, ongoing, and willing.
  • Reporting: LMU takes all allegations of sexual and interpersonal misconduct very seriously and investigates all reported incidents. Please report all incidents of sexual and interpersonal misconduct.
  • Good Samaritan Policy: The safety and welfare of LMU students is my top priority and I rely on all of you to take care of each other. Please do not let your own indiscretions cause you not to report a potentially dangerous or illegal situation.

Please reach out to me if you have questions or concerns. I wish you all a safe and healthy rest of the fall semester.


Terri L. Mangione, Ph.D.
Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs
Malone Student Center 301