Visual Identity

Student Affairs Communications Visual Identity

LMU Visual Idenity

For all communications for an external audience (prospective students, parents, alumni, donors), please use LMU Marketing and Communications guidelines for style, templates and graphics.

LMU Logo

Visit LMU Marketing and Communications to download The LMU logo.

LMU Color Palette

For consistency in use of the LMU logos, each of these colors is defined by a specific PMS (Pantone matching system) number. If necessary, you can also use the corresponding percentages in the CYMK (cyan/magenta/yellow/black) color system. For web and digital, use the HEX value.

ColorHEX (Web, Digital)Pantone (Coated)CMYK
LMU Red A03033 PMS 1807 0C 90M 95Y 20K
LMU Blue 003D6B PMS 2955 100C 45M 0Y 35K
LMU Gray 63666A PMS Cool Gray 10C 0C 0M 0Y 65K
LMU Black 332B24 PMS Black 0C 0M 0Y 100K

LMU Typography

Use the following typefaces in text and headlines to create a consistent, harmonious appearance across all LMU and Division of Student Affairs materials. The bold, light, italic and condensed versions of these fonts may all be used as needed for emphasis and variety.

  • Bodoni Book (or Times New Roman): primarily for body copy. Bold and italic may also be used when appropriate, such as in subheads and captions.
  • News Gothic (or Arial): primarily for headlines and other key messages.

LMU EXP Visual Identity

LMU EXP & Pillar Tiles

lmu exp tile lmu exp integrate mind body spirit lmu exp commit to service justice

lmu exp become a global citizen tile lmu exp practice ignatian values tile lmu exp live a life of purpose tile

Download LMU EXP Art Files

Download the LMU EXP and Pillar art files for print and web promotional use: