Want to get involved at Loyola Marymount University? Looking to join a club, start an organization, do community service or attend an event? Then meet LEO: LMU EXP Online — LMU's online student engagement platform.


New to LEO?

Follow these simple steps to start your LMU Experience now: 

  1. Log into LEO: Visit LEO and sign in with your LMU credentials and set up your profile.
  2. Join Groups: Browse all of LMU's organizations, clubs, programs and groups. Join “portals” to connect with ones that interest you!
  3. Discover Things to Do: Check out the events calendar on LEO. When you attend an event, bring your OneCard to swipe in and win LMU swag.
  4. Download the App: Search for “OrgSync” and join the Loyola Marymount community. So you can stay connected on the go.