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lmu student affairs dean's office faqs

I received a request to meet with someone from the Student Affairs Dean’s Office. What does this mean?

If you get a request to meet with someone from the Student Affairs Dean’s Office it is because your name was shared by a concerned faculty or staff member or student as having a need for some additional assistance or support. For example, faculty will contact the Student Affairs Dean’s Office if a student has missed an excessive number of classes or they are concerned about your health and wellbeing. A representative from the Student Affairs Dean’s Office will meet with you, listen to your concerns, and help you develop a plan to move forward.

Who do I speak with regarding academic advising?

Please do not hesitate to be pro-active about your academic advising. No matter your question, sooner is always better than later.

First, locate your assigned Academic Advisor on PROWL:

  1. Login to PROWL.
  2. Click on Student Records.
  3. Click on Student Information (3rd on list).
  4. This will show your program, registration status, standing, and advisor.
  5. Click on the envelope icon to email your advisor.
  6. Email your advisor and request an appointment: Include your name, major, year (freshman, sophomore, etc) and ID number on your email. If you have specific questions, you should list them in the email. If you have general issues, then you can simply request an appointment. Sometimes it is useful to add: If it is helpful to you, I am listing the following times when I am free. Some advisors will then reply selecting one of your listed free times. Other advisors will ask you to come and sign-up. Others will offer another method of making the appointment.

How do I view holds on PROWL?

Holds which prevent registration may be placed on a student’s PROWL account by campus offices. These holds can be viewed on PROWL (Student Services>Registration>View Holds). PROWL always displays information on how the student may remove the hold.

Common Holds

Address and Emergency Contact Hold: Automatically removed as soon as the student submits the necessary information in PROWL. (Persona Information>View>Update Emergency Contact Information).

Advisor’s Hold: Removed by the academic advisor after the student meets for academic advisement

Controller: Removed by Student Accounts after the student has contacted the Office and satisfied reason(s) for the hold

LMU Alert: Removed by Department of Public Safety after student has entered/updated LMU alert information.

Registrar: Contact the Office of the Register.

SADO Hold: Typically means that the student must meet with a representative from the Student Affairs Dean’s Office

If I am transferring to a different university, who fills out the Dean’s Recommendation form?

Many colleges and universities require students to have their home institution complete a “Dean’s Recommendation Form.” It provides the new institution with information regarding any disciplinary actions and academic standing. The “Dean’s Recommendation Form” should be sent to:

Office of Student Conduct & Community Responsibility
Loyola Marymount University
1 LMU Drive
Malone 355
Los Angeles, CA 90045

If academic verification is required, the Office of Student Conduct & Community Responsibility will forward the form to the Registrar’s Office for completion.

What is the process to return from a Medical Leave of Absence?

A student returning from a Medical Leave of Absence must:

  1. Submit a letter to the Dean of Students and the student’s Academic Dean’s Office. The letter must include the following:
    1. Describe the circumstances which led to the Medical Leave of Absence from LMU;
    2. Discuss how the issues have been addressed and resolved those issues that led to Medical Leave of Absence;
    3. Describe why you feel that you are ready to return to LMU;
    4. Describe what steps you will take to assist you in your transition back to the University and the pressures of academic work, on/off-campus living, social life, work, athletic and/or organization commitments, etc., including any addition support you may need (e.g. individual counseling, AA or NA meetings, Disability Support).
  2. Fill out the Return from LOA form available on the Registrar’s website.
  3. Contact the Chair of your academic department or your Academic Dean’s Office to inform the department of your intent to return and expected semester of return. You must meet with your Academic Dean’s Office/ advisor prior to registering for classes.
  4. Meet all financial aid deadlines for the academic year of expected return and clear any holds.
  5. Check PROWL for any additional holds that need to be addressed.
  6. Complete the Release of Information (ROI) form attached that allows the mutual sharing of information regarding treatment between the University and the treating professionals.
  7. Provide a letter from your Healthcare Provider on professional letterhead addressed to the LMU Dean of Students. Your Healthcare Provider must respond to the following questions in their letter:
    1. What treatment modalities did the student receive since initiating the MLOA from LMU?
    2. Has the treatment program been completed? If not, how frequently does the student need to see you? Has the student been referred for continuing treatment?
    3. Has there been improvement of the student’s original condition in terms of number, severity and persistence of symptoms?
    4. What specific plans and recommendations regarding prevention, relapse or recurrence of similar problems have you and the student discussed (e.g. managing stress, self-care, managing symptomatic behavior and managing social demands)?

Additional information for consideration before returning to LMU:

  • If planning on residing on campus, contact the Student Housing Office at (310) 338-2963 and submit all the necessary forms to apply for housing and meet all deadlines.
  • A student with a disability may be eligible for reasonable accommodations and/or special services in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disability Amendments Act (ADAA) of 2008. You are responsible for communicating you requests for academic accommodations to Disability Support Services (310) 338-5344.

The above steps must be completed no later than August 1st to return for the fall semester, December x for the spring semester, and May x for the summer sessions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Dean of Students at (310) 338-3756.

How do I get a refund after I take a LOA?

A percentage tuition charges are refunded based on the date of the leave or withdrawal. Loyola Marymount University’s refund policy is published on the Office of Student Financial Services in the Controller’s Office website on the Student Accounts page along with the percentage of tuition that will be refunded by date for each term.

What is FERPA and/or HIPAA?

For information on FERPA/HIPAA please visit the following pages:

Learn more about FERPA >

Learn more about HIPAA >

How do I respond to Disruptive or Threatening Behavior?

Disruptive and Threatening Student Behavior 2017-18