A group of LMU students, staff and locals linking arms and laughing during an Alternative Break trip.

We are looking for AB leaders! This is an excellent opportunity to live out LMU's mission by promoting justice and being someone with and for others. If you are interested in being an AB leader please contact Jenni Mendez.

Proposing a Trip

Application to propose a trip is currently closed. Please check back in late Fall for more details.

AB Leaders

An AB Leader sets the tone for the trip, empowering participants to excel and grow as individuals. This is a great leadership opportunity for those who are motivated & driven.

AB Leaders are responsible for the most important tasks in the program. Selected applicants will work with co-leaders and staff to prepare and lead a group of 8-10 students through an intense service and immersion trip and ensure participants receive the education and training they need to develop a genuine solidarity with members of the host community. Leaders are responsible for guiding their peers into new contexts where they will confront concrete social challenges. They are expected to lead by example by building positive group dynamics, cultivating interpersonal and intercultural sensitivity, facilitating the participation of all members, and leading the group in meaningful service and reflection.

In compensation for the time and energy expended by AB Leaders throughout the year, they will receive a financial discount of 50% of the particular trip costs.

Responsibilities of an AB Leader

  • Respect and adhere to AB mission and goals.
  • Engage their groups in education and reflection before, during, and after the trip.
  • Continually communicate with group for unity and safety.
  • Cooperate with co-leader, staff leaders, and host community leaders before and during the trip to facilitate a smooth, safe, and meaningful experience for everyone involved.
  • Assist the AB program in fundraising, and ensure that group payments are made.
  • Meet with the staff/faculty assigned to their trip once a month leading up to the trip
  • Lead preparation meetings (3 meetings before trip) and re-orientation meetings
  • Guide your group in post-trip actions related to your trip's issue