LMU Hunger Banquet

lmu csa hunger banquet

Experience the unequal distribution of resources and wealth in the world; a powerful evening that brings to life global inequalities and challenges us to realize how our decisions affect others.

When: Wednesday, November 2, 2016 at 5:00-6:30pm

Where: St. Robert's Auditorium

Donation: $2 Donation Requested at Door (Cash or Flexi)

Questions about Hunger Banquet?

For more information about the Hunger Banquet, please visit the CSA office or call at (310) 338-2959. You may also contact LMU's Change Leader, Taylor Brewer at taylorcbrewer14@gmail.com.

Hunger Statistics

  • 963 Million People are Hungry
  • Everyday 16,000 Children die daily from Hunger related illnesses
  • Pregnant women, new mothers who breastfeed infants, and children are amongst the most at risk of undernourishment
  • Hunger Statistics
  • Oxfam International

Hunger Banquet is sponsored by Oxfam America.