Coaches & Volunteers

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Roles and Responsibilities

Coaches encourage and cheer on athletes while playing games.

Volunteers serve wherever you are needed or wherever you feel comfortable, in support of activities (i.e. foodrunner, cleanup, setup, work games, help athletes).


By signing up for Special Games, you are committing yourself to the following:

  • Attending Practice Day.
  • Attending Special Games' BIG DAY.
  • By choosing to be a COACH or VOLUNTEER, you are agreeing to commit to all planned days of Special Games in order to build a strong relationship with your athlete.
  • To attend one of the coaches and volunteers workshops.
  • A life-changing experience!

To sign up to be a coach or volunteer, click here.


Workshops are held before the games in the Spring. The Special Games committee will review the history of the games, review etiquette for coaches and volunteers, share tips on how to be effective athlete supporters, and prepare banners to carry in the Special Games parade.

Coaches and Volunteers are required to attend a workshop. Workshop dates and times are as follows:

  • Click here for workshop dates and times

Note: Special Games and LMU are not responsible for any injuries incurred during practice sessions and/or the Big Day.

For More Information

For more information, please email or call (310) 338-1643.