Strauss Public Service

A group of LMU students posing with a member of Homeboy Industries.

The Donald A. Strauss Foundation partners with Loyola Marymount University for the opportunity to award an LMU student the opportunity to design a public service project. The scholarship will provide you with $15,000 to fund your service project.

Note: Your LMU financial aid will not be adversely affected if you are selected as a recipient.


  • Demonstrated an interest in public service.
  • Outstanding leadership potential.
  • Developed and can demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Possess the desire to "make a difference" in local, regional, national or international communities.
  • Have one full year remaining until graduation.
  • Have GPA in the upper 1/3 of his or her class.
  • Submitted an innovative, original, public service proposal & additional supporting materials.
  • Sophomores and Juniors are eligible to apply.

Application Materials

  1. Application Summary (Download from Strauss website)
  2. One page resume
  3. One page personal essay
  4. Four page proposal that includes timeline and budget
  5. Two letters of recommendation
    1. If your project works with a community partner, a letter of support is needed from the organization's leadership
  6. Transcripts (photocopy is ok)
  7. Acceptance Agreement. You can download the most current Agreement from the Strauss website

For more information, contact Patrick Furlong.