In addition to the resources available at the LMU Food Pantry, students can also access the following on-campus and off-campus resources for additional support.

On-Campus Resources

  • Community of Care
  • Student Health Services
  • Student Psychological Services
  • Lion Wellness
  • Lion Emergency Fund Form - The Lion Emergency Fund provides financial assitance to LMU students who are in danger of withdrawing from the university due to unanticipated temporary financial hardships resulting from emergency or crisis situations. Funds will be awarded as reimbursements to help students recover from short-term financial difficulties. The maximum reimbursement is $400.
  • College SNAP Project - The College SNAP Project is a joint project of Swipe Out Hunger and the Congressional Hunger Center. Swipe Out Hunger is a national nonprofit committed to ending college student hunger. It advises colleges and universities on the design of commonsense and innovative anti-hunger programs.

Off-Campus Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The food pantry is located adjacent to St. Robert’s Annex, signage is now placed outside its location for easier visibility.

  • The pantry is available to all of the LMU community who are struggling with food access and insecurity. 

  • The pantry is accesible 24/7 with onecard access and remains open to all during summer break. Please make sure your card number begins with the number 8. If your one card begins with a different number, please contact the one card office, a new one card will be issued.

  • Operating on the honor system, the LMU Food Pantry contains items intended to provide immediate relief.  

  • We now have fresh items in the pantry. The pantry now stores perishable items that require refrigeration or have short shelf lives. The pantry also continues to provide non-perishable items such as instant meals, canned goods, breakfast items, and packaged items. Other items you may find are hygiene and feminie products.

  • No.  The use of the pantry is confidential.  Participants are not required to sign up to use services at this time.  The pantry operates on the honor system and we recommend students take enough food to care for their immediate needs while considering the needs of others.

  • University Credit Union is the founding sponsor of the LMU Food Pantry that provided funds to stock the pantry a couple of times a year.  Other donors include: Bristol Farms and members of the LMU Community.

  • Questions related to donations, food drives or feedback regarding the pantry can be directed to the Center for Service and Action.

  • If you currently live in Los Angeles and are in need of items, the L.A. Regional Food Bank has a search engine to help you find the closest food pantry/distributor to you.

    Another resource is the LA Community Fridges which is community run. Some items you may find are fresh fruit, vegetables, frozen meals, and water.

    For those that live outside of Los Angeles, Feeding America is a great resource to find a panty near you and find other resources.

    Students may apply for the USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program online.

    Snap/EBT Cards are accepted at the C-Lion located in Leavey 6.  In addition, students with Community Table points can donate/pay for a guest who has run out of points through the Lion Share a Meal Swipe program.

    The USDA website offers healthy and budget-friendly recipes that are quick to make and taste good. Make sure to check out the cooking videos as well.