Organizations that offer post-graduation service programs frequently come to Loyola Marymount University's campus to meet with students. Currently there are no events scheduled at this time due to COVID-19.

Post-Graduate Dinners

These dinners allow for interested students to sit down and speak with representatives from up to 30 organizations. Over the course of meal, in a speed-dating format, participants will be presented with the particular organization's mission and purpose. The hope is that through this dialogue students will leave the dinner with a better understanding of what programs are available and what organization would suit them best.

Post-Graduate Discernment Overnight

Because Post Graduate Service is a very big decision, we offer the Post Grad Discernment Overnight to allow students to reflect on their future and the possibility of entering into a year or two of service after they graduate. The overnight will feature talks with alumni speakers addressing the decision to choose post-graduate service and how to choose the proper placement. This weekend of reflection will be held at a local hotel during the fall semester.