Service Organizations

 Three photos showing students in service organization sweaters.

The Service Organization Community includes 10 recruitment-based service organizations, each with its own mission, history, charisma and leadership structure. The service orgs have a common purpose of promoting both service and social justice, and practice accompaniment at placements aligning with their service focus. Service orgs also provide educational opportunities for the LMU community and build relationships with one another through weekly service, meetings and intentional retreats. 

Recruitment takes place each spring during February, you can find detailed information about that process here.

The Center for Service and Action houses and supports the Service Organization Community and facilitates on-campus service opportunities at university-wide events including Sunday Mass, commencement, Family Weekend. To request Service Org members at an on-campus event, please fill out the On-Campus Service Request Form

If you have any questions about service organizations, please contact the Assistant Director for Student Engagement, Yadi Enciso.