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Step 1: Budget Registration

Work with your budget manager to determine if your department has any available funds to hire a student employee. Complete the Budget Registration Form 2020 - 2021 to gain access to the necessary budget numbers and Student Employment Authorization (SEA) system. Please submit completed forms to your budget manager for processing and approval.

Step 2: Job Posting

All student employment positions should be posted on LionJobs, LMU's online job board. Job postings should include job details, start and end dates, and pay rates. Supervisors should reference the Pay Rate Rubric 2020 - 2021 before posting a position to determine the appropriate hourly wage. You can access LionJobs through MyLMU System Logins or through the LionJobs portal. All potential candidates should be interviewed and notified of their application status.

Step 3: Student Employment Authorization Form

The Student Employment Authorization (SEA) form is the official job offer from the LMU department to the student candidate. An SEA form includes all of the job details for a specific position, and must be authorized by Student Employment Services (SES) before a student can begin working. The SEA process is as follows:

  • Supervisor creates SEA form.
  • Student reviews and agrees/denies the SEA form.
  • SES authorizes SEA form.
  • Student gains access to myTime, LMU's online payroll system.