two students sitting and looking into a computer screen

The Online Student Employment Authorization Form (SEA) should be completed after a student employee hiring decision has been made. The SEA acts as a job offer from the LMU on-campus supervisor to the student. There are a few important pieces of information on the SEA form including the student's pay rate, start date and end date, award amount and working job title; this information should match what was listed in the LionJobs job posting.

The SEA needs to be created by the supervisor, accepted by the student and authorized by SES before a student can begin working.

  • The supervisor will receive an email notification from SES when the student has been offered a job, when the student accepts that job and when the student is authorized to work.
  • Student employees must have an SEA for each job they hold on campus.
  • If terms of a student's employment change (resignation, date changes, termination, etc.), the SEA can be modified or separated to reflect most changes.
  • SEAs must be created for each academic year and summer term.

Access to SEA System

Supervisors must have been granted access to the Student Employment Authorization (SEA) system and budget accounts in order to hire students. Supervisors should work with their budget managers to obtain this access. Once supervisors have access, they may create a Student Employment Authorization Form.

Students may only begin working after their SEA is authorized by Student Employment Services.