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Student Employment Services at LMU provides workshops for students and supervisors to develop their employee and management skills such as communication, work ethic, budget management, performance evaluation and more.

Student Workshop Series

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SES works to provide student employees across campus with professional development opportunities at convenient times and locations. Check out the workshop options below or contact SES with any questions you may have.

Student Employment Orientation

This workshop will provide students with an overview of the Student Employment process, basic policies and familiarize students with fundamental expectations of LMU student employees. Available to both new hires and returning student employees.

Developing Communication Skills at Work

This workshop is designed to introduce students to the basic building blocks of communication in the workplace. Good communication is an essential tool for success on the job.

Integrity, Initiative and Work Ethic

This workshop will remind students of the value of hard work and commitment. We will discuss what it means to take pride in professional acumen and grow the vibrant interest in going above and beyond the call of duty.

Supervisor Workshop Series

SES works to support departments across campus by providing Supervisor workshops at convenient times and locations. Check out the workshop options below.

Student Supervisor Overview

This workshop will introduce on-campus supervisors to the SES hiring process and outline the responsibilities assumed by supervisors — including funding, the online SEA system and compliance with SES policies.

Budget Management for Student Work

This workshop will familiarize supervisors with the different funding types for on-campus employment. Also, this training will highlight resources available for managing the supervisor's budget.

Student Employment Learning Outcomes and Performance Evaluation

This workshop will introduce and reinforce the role of the SES Learning Outcomes in addressing the need for students to develop tangible professional skills and to provide student supervisors with the tools to evaluate those skills.