Student Employee & Supervisor of the Year

lmu ses student employee of the year

Each year Student Employee Services honors excellence in the field of student employment by giving the Student Employee of the Year Award.  This award recognizes and celebrates students who have made outstanding contributions to the LMU community through their on-campus employment.  Students, nominated by their supervisors, are honored at the annual Student Service and Leadership Awards each spring.  

2017-18 Student Employee of the Year Award Recipient

SES Employee of the Year Award
President Timothy Law Snyder & 2016-17 Student Employee of the Year winner Rachel Para '18

This year's recipient was honored for their work in Campus Recreation, DejaView Theater. Join us in congratulating:

  • Chasen Himeda

Student Employment Services received a record number of 70 nominations for Student Employee of the Year in 2018. Thank you to all of our student employees on campus. Our offices wouldn't know what to do without you!

Student Employee of the Year Recipients

2017-18 – Chasen Himeda, Campus Recreation- DejaView

2016-17 – Rachel Para, Biology Department & Student Housing

2015-16 – Savannah Woolston, Lion’s Den & Sarina Ramirez-Ortiz, University Relations

2014-15 – Matthew Sugidono, Career and Professional Development

2012-13 – Lilianna Jane Myers, Academic Resource Center

2011-12 – Katie Lynn Convoy, Athletics

2010-11 – Briana Taylor Bergstrom, Facilities Management

2009-10 – Adam Phillip Kaplan, Classics and Archeology

2008-09 – Melisa Giovani, Study Abroad

2007-08 – Sarah Musgrove, Campus Recreation

2006-07 – Jonathan Khalaf, Information Technology Services

Student Supervisor of the Year 

The Supervisor of the Year Award was established in spring 2018 to recognize and celebrate student supervisors who excel in their positions and are highly regarded by their employees for their consistent leadership, integrity, understanding and support of their employees, both professionally and personally.

Student supervisors are integral to the student employment process at Loyola Marymount University and help support the 3,400+ student employees each year.  Across campus, student supervisors serve as mentors, create meaningful work opportunities, foster professionalism, and serve as positive role models for their student employees.  With over 480 student supervisors, this prestigious award recognizes an outstanding supervisor who has made a significant contribution to their student staff by demonstrating extraordinary leadership, professionalism, and guidance.

Student Supervisor of the Year Recipients

2017-18 - Nora Romero, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs