Leadership Opportunities

Use this website to learn about networking, fellowship opportunities, and resources that are for you as well as for graduate students across the University.

GSLMU promotes engagement among students and with the University through programming that includes: academic programming, athletics events, social gatherings, community service programs, and religious dialogue in the spirit of the University's goals as an institution of higher learning.

GSLMU formed in Spring 2011 and had its inaugural semester in Fall 2012. The organization's leadership structure includes 4 officers, 14 senators (no more than 2 senators from each school or college), and many committees.

GSLMU Constitution & Bylaws 2020-2021 coming soon.

  •  Headshot GSLMU President 21-22

    President: Amie Gonzalez
    School: Loyola Law Scool
    Program: Law
    Email: GSLMU.President@lmu.edu

    Amie Gonzalez is a fourth-year law student at Loyola Law School and works as the Associate Director with LMU’s Student Employment Services. She is a proud LMU alumna and a Los Angeles native. Amie hopes to use her current and previous work experiences in her role of GSLMU President, having worked with various employers such as private law firms, the Superior Court of Los Angeles, a Congressional district office, and her current LMU employment. Amie is an avid Dodger fan, a proud corgipoo dog mom, and loves spending time at the beach. 

    Amie plans on utilizing her knowledge and LMU connections to: (1) support graduate students during the transition from online to in-person learning, (2) build a better bridge between both the Westchester and Law school campuses; and (3) ensure all graduate student perspectives are properly advocated for. 

    Headshot GSLMU VP 21-22

    Vice President: Evanne Drucker
    School: College of Business Administration
    Program: MBA
    Email: gslmu.vp@lmu.edu

    Evanne grew up in La Crescenta, CA a true SoCal girl at heart. She attend Loyola Marymount University for undergrad and received degrees in Business Management and Communication Studies. Post her undergraduate tenure, Evanne moved to Melbourne, Australia and spent a year as a live-in Au Pair. Her return to LA brought about a career pivot as she went to work for long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives. She spent her time there in the production office learning more about film making. Evanne swapped one fast-paced environment to another when she started working for the division of Student Affairs back on the bluff at LMU. In her role there, she oversees student facilities such as The Loft Craft Beer + Wine bar and the LMU Gaming Center. She also sits on steering committees committed to both Staff and Student EXP programming efforts. Her role as a student, as well as full-time staff member, has her excited to serve as the 2021-2022 GSLMU Vice-President. She is eager to commit herself to providing the best experiences for all graduate students and continuing to bridge the gap between student expectation and administrator decisions.

    Headshot GSLMU CCO 21-22

    Chief Communications Officer: Courtney Nguyen
    School: College of Business Administration
    Program: MBA
    Email: GSLMU.CCO@lmu.edu

    Courtney is a second year MBA student in the College of Business Administration and works as the GA Coordinator of Learning and Development within LMU’s Human Resources department. She grew up in the Bay Area and received her undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship and communication studies. In her first year at LMU, she also served as GSLMU’s CBA Senator and recognized the importance of communication channels, as well as the effort it would take to ensure all graduates were obtaining the necessary resources and information to succeed. She is excited to serve as GSLMU’s CCO to strengthen graduate commutation channels and ensure that the graduate student body is acknowledged, informed, and included.

    Headshot GSLMU CFO 21-22
    Chief Financial Officer: Michelle Zalabak
    School: College of Business Administration
    Program: MBA
    Email: GSLMU.CFO@lmu.edu 

    Michelle Zalabak is a second year MBA student in the College of Business Administration. Her undergraduate degree is in music with an emphasis on music business and she most recently worked for a major record label. She is currently a dual emphasis in finance and entrepreneurship. She loves planning events and can't wait to get back on campus! She enjoys a balanced budget and looks forward to finding creative ways that she can help support our graduate students through the efforts of GSLMU.  

    Headshot GSLMU COO 21-22

    Chief Operating Officer: Maeve Lee
    School: School of Education
    Program: Higher Education Administration
    Email: GSLMU.COO@lmu.edu

    Maeve is a student in her second year of graduate school in the Higher Education Administration program. With a focus on student affairs, social justice, and transfer student populations, Maeve endeavors that her academic work will facilitate greater diversity, equity, and positive experiences for nontraditional student groups in the university and college setting. Born and raised in the South Bay, Maeve is excited to be close to campus as we begin our return to normalcy. As a member of GSLMU's executive team, she hopes to provide a voice and advocate for all graduate students at LMU. In addition to being a student full-time, Maeve works as a Graduate Assistant in the School of Education focusing on recruitment and admission. In her free time she loves travelling, spending time at the beach, and trying new restaurants and coffee shops.



  • Senators 2021-2022

    College of Business Administration

    CBA Senator 21-22

    Shilpa Prasad

    Shilpa Prasad is currently an MBA student at Loyola Marymount University and works at Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute as a Regulatory Coordinator.

    Through her background in the healthcare industry, she has always had a passion for helping others. As a GSLMU Senator, she plans to enthusiastically advocate for her fellow Lions and promote a fun and safe environment for the diverse student population. Specifically, Shilpa would like to use her platform as a Senator to address Mental Health awareness on campus, especially after students and professors had to take on the COVID-19 pandemic. She also hopes to help create events or initiatives that will broaden discussions and create lasting bonds between new and current graduate students so that the Lion community grows stronger. In her spare time, Shilpa loves hiking, dancing, and spending time with her family and friends.

    College of Fine Arts

    CFA Senator 21-22

    Ann James

    Ann James has an extensive career in theatre education, stage direction and conflict resolution in corporate and artistic environments. As an internationally certified educator she has had the opportunity to teach theatre on 4 continents. Ms. James has been featured as moderator in "Intimacy and Covid-19" with Theatre Communications Group and HowlRound, "Intimacy and Theatre Practice" with The Los Angeles Theatre Alliance, "How Intimacy Impacts the work of Artistic Directors" with The Society of Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation, and "Intimacy and the Pandemic" with Lincoln Center Director's Lab West. She is a published author on HowlRound, and has been a featured Intimacy Specialist on many other theatre affiliated panels during Covid-19. Ann is devoted to making both stage and screen safer places for Black, Indigenous and People of Color to practice their craft. Her company, Intimacy Coordinators of Color has had consultancy relationships with Actor's Equity, ArtsEquity, Theatre Communications Group, and TimesUp. Ms. James is currently a long-term educator in Anti-Racist University Theater Leadership Models for East Los Angeles College, and is currently an institutional intimacy consultant with A.R.T./New York. To that end, Ms. James is pursuing America's first MFA in Performance Pedagogy with emphasis in Intimacy Direction for People of Color at Loyola Marymount University.

    CFA Senator 21-22

    Lauren Johansen Sheppard

    Lolly is honored and excited to be a GSLMU Senator for the School of Communication and Fine Arts for the third year in a row. She attended LMU as an undergraduate and received her degree in Theatre Arts and Business in 2008. She is in her final year as a graduate student, working toward her MFA in Performance Pedagogy. Lolly has an extensive background as an actor, director, and arts educator and truly enjoys working with theatre students of all ages. As a Senator, Lolly is enthusiastic about continuing to create community for graduate students and giving a voice to their diverse needs. Here’s to a great year and Go Lions!

    School of Education

    School of Ed Senator 21-22

    Steven Fuller 
    Steven Fuller is a third-year graduate student in the School of Education, where he is completing a Master's Degree in School Counseling with a PPS credential and CWA authorization. He has been actively involved in the School of Education as a teaching aid, research assistant, and founder of the first Black Graduate Student Association at LMU. Outside of school and work Steven loves quality time with friends and family. He also enjoys playing basketball and watching the Lakers succeed. Consequently, Steven looks forward to using his role as senator to better the graduate experience at LMU  through unity and advocating for his peers. He wants GSLMU to succeed at creating one of the most memorable and life changing experiences for current, incoming, and future graduate students. 

    School of Film and Television

    SFT Senator 21-22

    Krushan Naik 

    Krushan is currently a 3rd-year graduate Production student specializing in Editing at the School of Film & Television (SFTV). He held the position of SFTV's Senator during his second year at school and was elected again for the duty for the academic year of 2021-2022. Krushan was awarded the 2019-20 Graduate Summit Award under the category, Encouragement of Learning: a graduate student who demonstrates academic excellence and the ability to collaborate with other students to achieve open and honest discussions. In 2020, he became a member of the LMU Strategic Planning and Steering Committee under the team Student Success and Student Resilience. He contributed to the research and analysis behind enhancing LMU's ability to pursue its threefold mission of the encouragement of learning, education of the whole person, and the service of faith and the promotion of justice in the Jesuit traditions. His study also contributed to LMU's ability to compete effectively as an institution of higher education – advancing its national and international reputation, helping to recruit and retain the best faculty, staff, and student prospects, and maximizing LMU's comparative advantage as a provider of educational services. Throughout his time at LMU, all such activities have helped him learn, grow, and serve the community in a better way. Constantly being recognized by LMU has boosted his confidence as an international student and has given him enough determination and courage to handle such positions. Serving in the leadership teams also gives him the chance to be the connection between the academic superiors and students. 


  • Academic And Professional Development
    Develops and organizes initiatives and programming related to intellectual, scholarly, academic and professional life including our Graduate Student Summit. This committee will also help represent the interests of the Association with the faculty.

    Maintain and bridge relationships between LMU’s Alumni Relations and with alumni from the University.

    Marketing and Publicity
    Develops and manages communication through social and traditional media for events and information. Chaired by the GSLMU CCO.

    Develops and oversees the election process for Officers each Spring, oversees filling of vacancies. Chaired by the GSLMU Vice President.

    Service and Faith
    Develops and organizes programming that fosters students’ commitment to the spiritual life and social justice issues on and beyond the bluff. This committee is required to host at least one event per semester.

    Social Justic
    Develops and organizes programming that addresses a broad range of social and community building interests.

    Grad Gala
    Develops the Spring social event. This committee is tasked with planning, organizing, and marketing GSLMU’s signature social engagement.

    Diversity and Inclusion 
    Honors the diverse backgrounds and needs of individuals by ensuring GSLMU programming meets the needs of graduate students from racial and ethnic minorities, women, the LGBT+ community, and international students.

    Identifies and promotes the accomplishments of the university’s graduate student community, for both individuals and organizations.

  • Academic Honesty Review Committee

    Issues rulings to the Provost concerning appeals and other matters related to violations of the Academic Honesty Policy.

    Academic Technology Committee (ATC)

    The charge of the Academic Technology Committee is to provide a forum for members of the academy to provide input and make suggestions regarding their technology needs. The committee is also responsible for the determination of the annual Technology Grant awardees. Meetings are held monthly throughout the academic year and the committee is in hiatus during the summer months.

    Budget Planning Committee

    To review the budget for the Westchester campus.

    Committee on Public Art and Images

    The Committee on Public Art and Images reviews and advises university leadership on matters related to new and existing artwork and images presented on campus ("public art"). The committee advocates for a strategic approach that considers the university's history, mission, values, and culture as it evaluates and recommends the installation, placement, replacement, and/or modification of campus art displayed in designated exhibition and/or public spaces. The committee advances the university's commitment to an inclusive, diverse, and creative teaching and learning environment as expressed through public art. Faculty and student work in the context of learning and teaching spaces, galleries, or curricular activities are protected under academic freedoms and thus are not within the purview of this committee.

    Disability Support Services Advisory Committee

    To educate the University community about the challenges faced by students with physical, perceptual, learning, ADHD, and psychiatric disabilities on campus as well as to devise ways of meeting the growing needs of the disabled student population.

    Frank Sullivan Social Justice Committee

    To advise the President and the office of the Campus Ministry on all aspects of the promotion of social justice and concern in the University.

    Intercultural Advisory Committee

    Advise and make recommendations to the Assistant to the President for Intercultural Affairs regarding intercultural policies, procedures, programs, documents, and issues; Identify and implement strategies within their units that encourage leadership and involvement of faculty, staff and students in transforming LMU from a multicultural organization to an intercultural community; educate the University community about intercultural affairs as it relates to academic excellence and institutional viability.

    Marketing Advisory Committee

    The Marketing Advisory Committee considers, develops, and recommends strategies related to university marketing initiatives. It advocates for the marketing needs and goals of campus stakeholders and serves a critical role in fostering a free exchange of creative ideas and solutions. The committee advances an integrated and unified university brand that maximizes the university's external visibility, enhances its reputation, promotes a positive image, and more effectively achieves its strategic goals.

    Parking Advisory Committee

    The Parking Committee advises the university on policies related to parking. The Parking Appeals Board considers appeals of parking violations.

    SOE Alumni Association Board

    The SOE Alumni Association Board serves as the leadership to shape the vision, mission and goals of the SOE Alumni Association. This position is held by the GSLMU Vice President.

    Special Committee on Math & Science Teacher Preparation (MASTeP)

    The committee's objectives are: to maintain the improved educational programs, opportunities and support for pre-service K-12 math and science teachers; to support and further enhance curricular and pedagogical improvements; to maintain collaborative connections and to continue ongoing collaborative activities on campus and with the Los Angeles educational institutions and schools.

    Status Of Women Committee

    The committee is charged with addressing issues of special concern to women students, staff and faculty at LMU and with advising the President on these issues.

    Student Conduct Committee

    Web Advisory Committee

    The Web Advisory Committee advises the Office of Web, New Media & Design and the University community on web and new media related matters. Through its subcommittees, it considers and recommends strategic web priorities for the University.

    Trustee Committees

    • Academic Affairs
    • Audit & Risk
    • Catholic Mission & Identity
    • Endowment Fund Investment
    • Facilities & IT
    • Finance
    • Student Life