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GSLMU promotes engagement among students and with the University through programming that includes: academic programming, athletics events, social gatherings, community service programs, and religious dialogue in the spirit of the University's goals as an institution of higher learning.

GSLMU formed in Spring 2011 and had its inaugural semester in Fall 2012. The organization's leadership structure includes 4 officers, 14 senators (no more than 2 senators from each school or college), and many committees.

View the GSLMU Constitution & Bylaws 2019-2020.

  • Headshot for Gabrielle Szlacta-McGinn

    President: Gabrielle Szlachta-McGinn
    School: Loyola Law Scool
    Program: Law

    My name is Gabrielle Szlachta-McGinn and I am a Loyola Marymount University law student who will graduate in May 2021. Before graduating cum laude from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in political science and legal studies, I served as a public policy intern for Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. I developed a comprehensive understanding of government legislation and policy process while there. I specifically focused on public policy issues in Western Pennsylvania and contributed to public policy across the United States. During the 2019-2020 school year, I held the position of GSLMU Alumni Program Director. I wanted to join GSLMU because I wanted to be part of an organization that focused on scholarship, ideas and teamwork, and I am dedicated to advocating for and engaging graduate students on campus and with students from other graduate programs. 

    I have also held numerous leadership positions during my educational career. I am a nontraditional law student who left the workforce to attend law school; recently, I was elected Chief Editor of the IACHR Project for the International and Comparative Law Review, and during the 2019-2020 school year, I held the position of 2L (class of 2021) Representative for the Consumer Law Society. Through my experiences, I have acquired leadership skills that will help me represent the entire graduate student body. I plan to focus more on student involvement and bridge the gap between the graduate students at the Westchester campus and the law students at the Downtown Los Angeles campus. I strongly believe that student participation in organizations and events on both campuses will foster a thriving graduate student community. I also believe that it will promote student involvement in the community, help contribute to educational growth and give students opportunities to create a diverse network of colleagues and lifelong friends. I plan to increase the cohesiveness of the graduate student body by consistently promoting team morale and bringing the two campuses together to really focus on getting to know each other personally. After regularly hearing that generally, both campuses often feel unassociated with each other, I believe that I have the invaluable opportunity to connect each campus with the other; I believe that I am the perfect representative and advocate for the graduate student body. 

    Headshot of Taina Berardi

    Vice President: Taina Rodriguez-Berardi
    School: Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts
    Program: Yoga Studies

    Taina is an educator and researcher in her second-year of graduate school in the Yoga Studies Master of Arts program. Focused on exploring the dynamics of health-wellness culture and social justice movements in modern yoga communities, Taina endeavors that her academic work facilitates greater diversity, inclusivity and equitable opportunity in wellness and scholastic spaces. Originally from Oakland, CA, Taina is a civic leader and active volunteer who believes that the key to achieving both access and representation is showing up. In joining GSLMU’s executive team, she intends to project a passionate voice as an advocate for the collective graduate student experience, ensuring that even the most marginalized voices are heard. Taina is a graduate assistant for both the Yoga Studies department and the BCLA Dean’s Office. She also teaches weekly public Yoga and meditation classes, loves hiking, biking, karaoke and kittens.

    Headshot of Kristen Lester

    Chief Communications Officer: Kristen Lester
    School: College of Business Administration
    Program: MBA

    Hello my name is Kristen Lester and I’m in the Masters of Business Administration program and my expected graduation year is 2021. One of my major personal and professional accomplishments was getting accepted into LMU’s MBA program. I was working in Human Resources for the last three years but was not fulfilled in my career. I realized I was passionate about marketing so I decided to make the brave decision of making a career switch and I was able to get into one of the top marketing programs. Because of my passion for brand management, being able to directly apply what I am learning in my MBA courses and my experience in running social media accounts, I believe I would be a great candidate for the Chief Communications Officer role. In my personal time I have been volunteering with Big Sunday for the last 10 years. They’re an organization that works on inner city school beautification projects and much more for the community. One campus issue I would love to help address is to create more opportunities for Graduate students to get in front of recruiters so that every student is able to walk away with a great career start.

    Advisor: Joel Gutierrez


  • Academic And Professional Development
    Develops and organizes initiatives and programming related to intellectual, scholarly, academic and professional life including our Graduate Student Summit. This committee will also help represent the interests of the Association with the faculty.

    Maintain and bridge relationships between LMU’s Alumni Relations and with alumni from the University.

    Marketing and Publicity
    Develops and manages communication through social and traditional media for events and information. Chaired by the GSLMU CCO.

    Develops and oversees the election process for Officers each Spring, oversees filling of vacancies. Chaired by the GSLMU Vice President.

    Service and Faith
    Develops and organizes programming that fosters students’ commitment to the spiritual life and social justice issues on and beyond the bluff. This committee is required to host at least one event per semester.

    Social Justic
    Develops and organizes programming that addresses a broad range of social and community building interests.

    Grad Gala
    Develops the Spring social event. This committee is tasked with planning, organizing, and marketing GSLMU’s signature social engagement.

    Diversity and Inclusion 
    Honors the diverse backgrounds and needs of individuals by ensuring GSLMU programming meets the needs of graduate students from racial and ethnic minorities, women, the LGBT+ community, and international students.

    Identifies and promotes the accomplishments of the university’s graduate student community, for both individuals and organizations.

  • Academic Honesty Review Committee

    Issues rulings to the Provost concerning appeals and other matters related to violations of the Academic Honesty Policy.

    Academic Technology Committee (ATC)

    The charge of the Academic Technology Committee is to provide a forum for members of the academy to provide input and make suggestions regarding their technology needs. The committee is also responsible for the determination of the annual Technology Grant awardees. Meetings are held monthly throughout the academic year and the committee is in hiatus during the summer months.

    Budget Planning Committee

    To review the budget for the Westchester campus.

    Committee on Public Art and Images

    The Committee on Public Art and Images reviews and advises university leadership on matters related to new and existing artwork and images presented on campus ("public art"). The committee advocates for a strategic approach that considers the university's history, mission, values, and culture as it evaluates and recommends the installation, placement, replacement, and/or modification of campus art displayed in designated exhibition and/or public spaces. The committee advances the university's commitment to an inclusive, diverse, and creative teaching and learning environment as expressed through public art. Faculty and student work in the context of learning and teaching spaces, galleries, or curricular activities are protected under academic freedoms and thus are not within the purview of this committee.

    Disability Support Services Advisory Committee

    To educate the University community about the challenges faced by students with physical, perceptual, learning, ADHD, and psychiatric disabilities on campus as well as to devise ways of meeting the growing needs of the disabled student population.

    Frank Sullivan Social Justice Committee

    To advise the President and the office of the Campus Ministry on all aspects of the promotion of social justice and concern in the University.

    Intercultural Advisory Committee

    Advise and make recommendations to the Assistant to the President for Intercultural Affairs regarding intercultural policies, procedures, programs, documents, and issues; Identify and implement strategies within their units that encourage leadership and involvement of faculty, staff and students in transforming LMU from a multicultural organization to an intercultural community; educate the University community about intercultural affairs as it relates to academic excellence and institutional viability.

    Marketing Advisory Committee

    The Marketing Advisory Committee considers, develops, and recommends strategies related to university marketing initiatives. It advocates for the marketing needs and goals of campus stakeholders and serves a critical role in fostering a free exchange of creative ideas and solutions. The committee advances an integrated and unified university brand that maximizes the university's external visibility, enhances its reputation, promotes a positive image, and more effectively achieves its strategic goals.

    Parking Advisory Committee

    The Parking Committee advises the university on policies related to parking. The Parking Appeals Board considers appeals of parking violations.

    SOE Alumni Association Board

    The SOE Alumni Association Board serves as the leadership to shape the vision, mission and goals of the SOE Alumni Association. This position is held by the GSLMU Vice President.

    Special Committee on Math & Science Teacher Preparation (MASTeP)

    The committee's objectives are: to maintain the improved educational programs, opportunities and support for pre-service K-12 math and science teachers; to support and further enhance curricular and pedagogical improvements; to maintain collaborative connections and to continue ongoing collaborative activities on campus and with the Los Angeles educational institutions and schools.

    Status Of Women Committee

    The committee is charged with addressing issues of special concern to women students, staff and faculty at LMU and with advising the President on these issues.

    Student Conduct Committee

    Web Advisory Committee

    The Web Advisory Committee advises the Office of Web, New Media & Design and the University community on web and new media related matters. Through its subcommittees, it considers and recommends strategic web priorities for the University.

    Trustee Committees

    • Academic Affairs
    • Audit & Risk
    • Catholic Mission & Identity
    • Endowment Fund Investment
    • Facilities & IT
    • Finance
    • Student Life