Headshot Amie Gonzalez

President: Amie Gonzalez

School: Loyola Law Scool
Program: Law
Email: GSLMU.President@lmu.edu

Amie Gonzalez is a fourth-year law student at Loyola Law School and works as the Associate Director with LMU’s Student Employment Services. She is a proud LMU alumna and a Los Angeles native. Amie hopes to use her current and previous work experiences in her role of GSLMU President, having worked with various employers such as private law firms, the Superior Court of Los Angeles, a Congressional district office, and her current LMU employment. Amie is an avid Dodger fan, a proud corgipoo dog mom, and loves spending time at the beach. 

Amie plans on utilizing her knowledge and LMU connections to: (1) support graduate students during the transition from online to in-person learning, (2) build a better bridge between both the Westchester and Law school campuses; and (3) ensure all graduate student perspectives are properly advocated for.