Headshot of Deniesse Joaquin

Deniesse Joaquin

Senator: School of Education

Deniesse Joaquin, a first-year Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate student, was born and raised in the Philippines. There she is a registered psychometrician with a solid experience in employee relations and talent acquisition. She had a flair for acting and had a brief four-year stint as an actor prior to returning to her long-standing passion for Counseling Psychology. As an international student, although virtually, Deniesse challenged herself to explore life at LMU. She values the importance of representation, and so, she immersed herself in a leadership role—currently serving as a School of Education Senator.

Outside of her professional and academic roles, you can find Deniesse baking pastries or cooking Asian dishes in the kitchen, hiking trails, trying out new restaurants, or blasting out her well-curated Spotify playlists. Among the things she enjoys, she finds baking the most therapeutic as it always forces her to be present. In the same vein, she is excited to be on campus and is eager to organize activities that would improve an overall sense of well-being, expand further GSLMU’s reach, and encourage community-building among students.