Headshot of Gipson Bachman

Vice President: Gipson Bachman

School: Frank R. Seaver School of Science and Engineering
Program: M.S Computer Science
Email: gslmu.vp@lmu.edu

Meet Gipson Bachman, our new Vice President for Spring 2022! Gipson, pronounced like the guitar, is a proud member of @LMUSeaver within the M.S. Computer Science program and is excited to amplify what’s at the heart of @GSLMU - lifelong friendships and forever memories. L.A.-native and self-proclaimed “work-in-progress,” Gipson looks to leverage his degree and unique background in strategic organic-driven marketing to create an intuitive search platform where you can easily find influencers that look just like you.  He believes that as we continue to make our purchases more and more online without visiting brick-and-mortar stores, we will increasingly turn to social media influencers to “touch, feel and try on” products…because photos never really tell the whole story.